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  1. Re: do you think allowing microsoft to take over was a wise decision from nokia???

    The merger was already announced more than a year ago. If you think about the MS influence, that was there for much longer time.
    It is too late to spin on these facts now, for example your post has...
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    Re: AT Command PowerBuilder SMS

    I do not know for sure, but there seem to be a double break, which may have side effects: when creating szCommand, a Char(13) is appended already at the end, however after FileWriteEx-ing it, there...
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    Re: HOT Bug Nokia In App Payment

    Hi, thank your for pointing this out, it shall be investigated further. I made a copy of your report into the administrative area of this forum...
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    Re: Help me choose a monetization model

    Your future plans may matter too. Like if you are planning to maintain the app for a longer period of time, releasing new content from time to time (like batches of questions focusing on certain...
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    Re: Testing the app

    Make sure that you have checked Vineet's answer, posted 3 days ago.
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    Re: Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 Background Tasks

    For an overview of Java Security Domains, check http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/Java_Security_Domains - however operator/manufacturer domains are really just mentioned, as they are not a...
  7. Re: Geometry: How to find the size of a rectangle?

    If the resizing works, calculation of the position is really the same: you can think of it as calculating the width/height of another rectangle which is located in the top-left corner.
  8. Re: Start my ignition on my motorcycle with NFC

    On the phone side you can get a lot of interesting articles if you search for windowsphone nfc with Bing or Google.
    Like the related API:...
  9. Re: How to make wallpaper go up or down to unlock?

    No, you can not modify that, exactly because Nokia does not provide API for it.
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    Re: Places Autocomplete

    For autocomplete in general, http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/How_to_use_Auto_Complete_Box_in_Windows_Phone might be a good start. That was the first result a search for windowsphone...
  11. Re: How to make wallpaper go up or down to unlock?

    I am not sure if we are talking about the same, so here is a video about the Nokia Asha 311: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hm35IBnXAE. The wallpaper slides horizontally, and that is it.
  12. Re: Strange error converting the same type of IFilter collections in FilterEffect obj

    Hi, I think that is more like the downscaled preview image of your screenshot. At least I can not read it even after extracting the URL from your post.
  13. Re: How to make wallpaper go up or down to unlock?

    Behaviour of the lock screen can not be controlled from 3rd-party Midlets.
  14. Re: Developer certificate and OEM's permission.

    Right now Symbian signing simply does not exist. It was shut down on the 1st of January. Granting manufacturer capabilities was subject to close partnership with Nokia anyway.
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    Re: I want to send SMS to the Mobile itself

    As long as you are not working for Nokia in some way (developing something as an employee or as an external contractor), you can not do that.
    Since Nokia does not exist too much right now, the above...
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    Re: dynamic function calls in symbian

    No, it is not supported. Due to optimization considerations, Symbian .dll files do not store name and parameter information on functions/methods, everything is accessed by its ordinal number (so...
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    Re: Sleeptimer for radio

    Hi, you can find product-oriented discussions at http://discussions.nokia.com - your registration (user name and password) works there too.
    Note that it may be possible to simply download the user...
  18. Re: Quiero Symbian

    Hi, yes, there is an other site hosting product-oriented discussions: http://discussions.nokia.com
    The good news is that there you will find Spanish boards too, and your registration will work there...
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    Re: Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 Background Tasks

    I mean the Nokia Notifications API, http://developer.nokia.com/resources/library/Java/developers-guides/nokia-notifications.html. It is part of every Asha platform.
    It does not start the App, just...
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    Re: Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 Background Tasks

    Background processing is not supported for 3rd-party apps.
    The workaround is to do things on demand, when the user starts the app either manually or as a result of some notification.
  21. Re: Geometry: How to find the size of a rectangle?

    What is on the figure is really just a ratio: c=p*(X/x) and d=q*(Y/y). The position of the rectangle (I assume you will need that too) is calculated in the same way.
  22. Re: LoopingSelector for WP8.1, wrong reference?

    He just wants a LoopingSelector with custom content (http://developer.nokia.com/community/discussion/showthread.php/248249-How-to-make-spin-swipe-user-control-as-in-Nokia-s-Alarms-app is where it has...
  23. Re: What changes does "Vibrance, Shadows, Clarity" effects do ?

    If I search for vibrance filter with Google, this is the 3rd hit: http://camanjs.com/docs/filters.html. Improving the search query with implementation may work even better. For example it finds...
  24. Re: Geometry: How to find the size of a rectangle?

    You may need to apply some mathematics here. The concept of Ratio (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratio) and Aspect ratio (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspect_ratio) certainly help.
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    Re: Save jpeg with metadata (EXIF)

    Examples tend to point towards ExifLib, http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/36342/ExifLib-A-Fast-Exif-Data-Extractor-for-NET-2-0 (and...
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