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    Why no var size string?

    Hi all. Does anyone know why there is no dynamic(in size) string in Symbian? All of the descriptor classes are fix size.

    It happens very often that you work with strings and the length is not...
  2. How to use the memory tracker contained in the series 60/Epoc Toolbar

    If you do not know this one: it is in the folder <sdk>/series60tools/epoctoolbar

    But how can I use it?

    Thx in advance
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    strings as object members

    Hi there,
    I habe a question about object oriented design and strings in EPOC. I need strings as class members. What is the standard way to implement this. If a write

    class Myclass
  4. Stream support problem

    Did you solve your problem in the meantime. I have the same problem. Thx in advance.
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