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  1. IllegalStateException - Frame Animator API

    Hi, I am working on an app that need to use frame Animator API.
    Your use is like a lock screen that if we flick the screen, the app will be unlocked.

    My problem is sometimes I catch the Illegal...
  2. Re: Application access set to not allowed testing APDUMIDlet

    Lombard, did you try in s40 device? I have problems with mine, i'm getting SecurityException when I try Connector.open, i put javax.microedition.apdu.sat and signed in a operator domain, then,...
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    Re: Reading contacts in S40 device

    I was having trouble reading the SIM card contacts, my solution was as follows:

    1. I picked up the phone's contact lists (device + SIM card), using the code:

    String [ ] allLists =...
  4. [moved] Delete All Contacts - SIM Card

    I had problems deleting contacts from SIM card, I am using the JSR-75 (PIM), my tests are in S40. I'm catching an error 'UnsupportedFieldException', anyone know how should I proceed?
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