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  1. Re: Changing the phone:WebBrowser control useragent programatically

    In android you have a control like open all the links with in the same webView .. Is there a some thing like that ?? Can I override the WebBrowser and get the links and open though the code ??
  2. Re: Changing the phone:WebBrowser control useragent programatically

    Hi Charaf,

    Thanks for your quick response . The solution what you have given is worked , but I have still one more problem , The useragent what I am setting it is working for the home page , for...
  3. Changing the phone:WebBrowser control useragent programatically

    Hi All,

    Is there a way to change my WebBrowser user agent when I am using the phone:WebBrowser control. ??

    In my code Before navigating to any page I want to overwrite my Default user agent .. ...
  4. Re: Image Loading problem in s40 devices...

    Hi Neeraj,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board!!

    On which S40 device you are trying ? You can see the device specifications here . You can check out it's heap size. with the S60 device...
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    Re: How to sign Midlet with .CER

    Hi Calio,

    Please refer these articles for signing:

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    Re: J2ME java.util.Scanner

    Hi jen23,

    Will this helps to you ?
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    Re: Broadband java compatibility

    Hi jen23,

    It is recommended that use the port numbers greater than 16000 and less than 16999 range .

    For can find any device specifications like wt api's it support etc.. from the forum nokia...
  8. Thread: j2me

    by bhanuchandar.k

    Re: j2me

    Hi Guru,

    You can find out the device specification here . Select device from the drop down list and go through the specfications
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    Re: Json.me got warnings in J2ME Project

    Hi It is trying for the class StringBulder .. In j2me that class is not available.

    Which is the jar you are using ? And check this link
  10. Re: RSS READER : Problems displayed characters

    Those characters might be not supported by your phone . Those might be in extend ascii range . Have you tried on the real device ?
  11. Re: RSS READER : Problems displayed characters

    Those character might be falling in extended ascii range ... You phones might not have support of those charters ... Thats y you are able to see the ? marks.
  12. Re: encryption of data in phone, sending it to server and decryption of it in server

    Hi ,

    Why do you want to engript the data ?

    There are some open source algorithms you can use those to encrypt as well as decrypt ..
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    Re: regarding network

    Hi ,
    Welcome to forum nokia discussion board!!
    Please find the answers cellID
  14. Re: i used url for j2me mp3 useing http url streaming

    Hi ,
    I try this url in your pc browser did you get any thing ? The url should be acessable from the out side then only it will work.
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    Re: Fetch string from URL string

    Hi Nilesh,

    You can do lastIndexOf('/') , and substring of the lastIndex of '/' then you will get the "ac.mp3 or a" in your case . In this you need to check is there any extension you can again...
  16. Re: Hide J2ME application or send it to Background.

    Hi Nilesh,

    You can't run your midlet in background in S40 . It is not possible.
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    Re: JSON with J2ME

    Hi sajidshaikhi ,

    As babu said you can use the j2me jsonjar and parse as well format the data . For more help please refer these articles:...
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    Re: Application Error in Nokia 6300

    Hi senthil,

    Can you explain what is application is all about ? what API's you are using in it . what is your jad parameters etc... It will helps you in understanding your problem more clearly .
  19. Re: asterisk Edit Key on Nokia Device copy text .

    I think can't access the standers phones clipboard .
  20. Re: How to implement Auto Call function in j2me

    Hi hms217,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board!!

    Can you explain your problem more clearly if needed start the new thread . The question you have posted is not so clear.
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    Re: Http request problem!

    Hi Amitabh,

    I have few question : What does this means ? Is it reducing the entire data size or Configuring the smaller MTU ?

    Which one will be the better smaller MTU or bigger MTU for...
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    Re: SMS Send and receive

    Use the port in the range 16000 - 16999 . And try .

    0 - 15999 -> as allocated by IANA
    16000 - 16999 -> available for allocation by applications
    17000 -65535 -> reserved

    For more info...
  23. Re: Midlet crashes on N95 while connecting to an Https server

    Hi Yannik Soubigou,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board!!

    According to the documentation flush() method is optional . If you call the getResponseCode() It will automatically flushes the...
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    Re: S40 Devices j2me streaming audio

    Hi babu,

    Go through the MMAPI documentation and forum nokia wiki Multimedia section you will the idea about how to do the streaming in j2me
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    Re: J2ME java.util.Scanner

    Don't have such kind of a classes in j2me you need to write by your own.
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