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  1. Re: SMS URL Scheme Support in S40 browser

    I wish to add to my comment in this thread and to confirm that Asha/S40 browser no longer supports SMS URI e.g. "sms:+123?body=hello" or "sms:+123"
    Asha will show an error message "protocol not...
  2. Re: SMS URL Scheme Support in S40 browser


    browser version = (after forced update)
    Nokia Asha model = Nokia Asha 302
    Nokia firmware = V 14.53 20-03-12 RM-813
    Nokia product code = 059L157ET26hD219

  3. Re: SMS URL Scheme Support in S40 browser


    The SMS handler in Web Apps is broken.
    Previously before Nokia S40 browser was updated, the "sms:123?body=hello" is working in web apps/S40 browser as well as S60 browser.
    After S40...
  4. Failure. Cannot provision certificate database (-14)

    Dear Forum Members,

    I have received a certificate installer (sis) file from Ovi Store to install on my device for testing. And during installation, receive this messages:-

    Nokia R&D...
  5. Re: Hey great new look, but is Python support dead?

    Or are they moving Python from Forum Nokia to Symbian?

    Previously, at "Nokia Innovation Day" seminar held in Malaysia on the...
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