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  1. Where can I download the new Nokia 6108 emulator?

    As topic. Nokia 6108 is the new phone that support a stylus. It's mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

    I can't find it anywhere in forum Nokia, be it the Chinese or English version.

    But some of...
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    Where can I download Nokia 6108 emulator?

    As topic. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I guess not. 6108 is a Series 40 phone and I...

    I guess not. 6108 is a Series 40 phone and I assume it only supports MIDP 1.0 + Nokia UI API.
  4. HttpConnection timeout property -- Is it possiblee to set it (or at least read it)?

    Question as titled.
    I am developing a server-client application.
    All http connections are made to run on a background thread.

    Here's a code snip.
    try {
    hc = (HttpConnection)...
  5. Toolkit.checkError: error code-6 when using DirectGraphics

    Hi all,

    I am developing a MIDlet that makes use of Nokia's DirectGraphics to create transparency layers.

    The program works fine. But with subsequent repaint()s, the emulator will complain with...
  6. The wav works fine.

    The wav code works fine (at least) on the emulator. I will try and see if it works on the actual phone.

    I still can't get the ringtone one to work for some pretty strange reason. (Fascinating how...
  7. 7650 doesn't even support Sound?

    I am using the Nokia Developer Suite for J2ME 1.1 and using the "Series 60 MIDP SDK for Symbian OS edition 1.0" emulator.

    I tried some code to test out sounds but it throws with the exception...
  8. Me too

    Pls help. Thanks so much.
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