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  1. Unhandled exception filter called from program make

    I am getting the following error in my build process. I am using Carbide.c++ 2.7. It seems to be intermittent and can affect any stage of the build process.

    Unhandled exception filter called from...
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    Re: TRK Tracing not working

    Just to be clear on what I want, I want to see output from RDebug::Printf() coming from an actual phone while debugging using TRK. Ideally I want this inside my Carbide.C++ environment where one...
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    TRK Tracing not working


    I can't seem to get tracing to work for on target debugging using TRK.

    Carbide.c++ 2.7.0
    Nokia N95 with TRK 3.1.2

    I am able to step through code using TRK - so that is working, but...
  4. Re: Getting 'Unhandled exception filter called from program make' despite SDK reinsta

    Thanks Mayur! This helped me a lot.

    This is such as weird problem. My build environment was working fine for ages and then suddenly I started getting these errors. The updated make.exe seems to...
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    Re: Text message editor navipane?

    Hello Parisn

    Did you find the fix to this problem? I am also trying to get the editor indicator to appear as well as my own navigation label...

    Any help appreciated...

  6. Re: How to mute incoming ringtone in S60 5th Edition?

    Hi symbianyucca

    Thank you for taking the time to dig out this info. I will look into the API partnering possibility...

  7. Re: How to mute incoming ringtone in S60 5th Edition?

    Yeah, did try the famous "copy" strategy, but it didn't work ;-)

    It turns out that "PhoneClientExt.dll" is not present from S60 3rd Edition FP2 and onwards...

    So, no Phone Client API :-(
  8. How to mute incoming ringtone in S60 5th Edition?


    In the past I was able to mute the incoming ringtone easily as follows:

    TKeyEvent key;
    key.iModifiers = 0;
    key.iRepeats = 0;
    key.iCode = aCode;
    key.iScanCode = aScanCode;
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    Re: 第3版的程序向第5版移植的问题

    I get this problem all the time with my S60 5th Edition V1.0 emulator. It is very annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of it?
  10. Custom MTM and RSendAs::LaunchEditorAndCloseL()

    I have written a custom MTM which is similar to the built-in SMS MTM. My new MTM works perfectly and from within the messaging application I am able to compose a new message using my MTM and message...
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    Re: Search phone number in phonebook

    I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I thought that the following may be useful to know:
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    Use of 0 key in CEikRichTextEditor

    I have a CEikRichTextEditor as my apps main control. I have configured this to handle both numeric and alphabetic input:

  13. FEP input mode selection issue (problem pressing #)

    Hi everyone

    I am using a CEikRichTextEditor in a container as an editor for my view-based app. When editing a document, I am able to rotate through the various input modes by pressing the "#"...
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    Re: Application SVG icon on FP2 devices

    The application icon should have a 88x88 view size to ensure that it is rendered correctly. Your icon had a 200x100 view, so would have to be resized (incorrectly by the sounds of things).

    I used...
  15. Re: S60 3.2 --> Context pane removed! How to get it back?

    Is it possible to detect whether or not the context pane icon is visible? For example, S60 3.2 devices simply don't show this icon, but also some landscape devices like the E61 don't show this icon...
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    Re: KERN-EXEC 3 error

    You are probably deleting an object twice, once somewhere in your code and then again in your destructor. Since it is safe to delete NULL, make sure that whereever you delete an member object assign...
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    Re: Start GUI based app

    I use the following code successfully: appUid = application UID of the app you want to start

    RApaLsSession apaLsSession;
  18. Re: CParser::ParseL fails with -9 (KErrOverflow)

    After having tried a few things, I have just noticed that I am getting the following error in my handler's OnError() funtion:

    EXmlMisplacedPi -983

    What the heck does that mean?!
  19. Re: CParser::ParseL fails with -9 (KErrOverflow)

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have seen the wiki XML parser example already thanks. I used that as a starting point for my code.

    The key thing I must point out is that this same XML document is...
  20. Re: CParser::ParseL fails with -9 (KErrOverflow)

    Hi Wizard,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have put some debug into the OnError implementation in my handler, but it doesn't seem to get called. The strange thing is that the entire buffer seems to...
  21. Re: RWorldServer::Connect fails with -15 (KErrServerTerminated)

    Well, that explains it then!

    Thanks for your reply Paul, I'll give your suggestion a go...
  22. RWorldServer::Connect fails with -15 (KErrServerTerminated)

    The following code is failing with KErrServerTerminated on my Nokia N95 (latest firmware V21.x). This same code works fine in my emulator (S60 3rd MR).

    TWorldId worldId;
  23. CParser::ParseL fails with -9 (KErrOverflow)

    I am trying to use Xml::CParser to parse an XML document from a web server. For some responses from the web server, there is no error and things work well. For the following response, I ParseL()...
  24. Re: RSendAs: Sending files over Bluetooth fails on FP1 devices

    Anyone please?
  25. RSendAs: Sending files over Bluetooth fails on FP1 devices

    I have some code that sends a file over bluetooth using RSendAs in several commercially sold software titles. This seems to now be broken due to changes in FP1.

    If you try the following example on...
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