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  1. Which models support correct StringItem line wrap ?


    Still a lot of devices including the latest WTK automatically
    break after StringItems when they're spanning over several rows.

    Devices like the E61i do it right but not for example Series...
  2. Re: E61i cuts off spaces from end of StringItems. Why?

    It works!
    I've seen that NBSP is part of the LATIN-1 charset.
    So it's save to use it, or is it (without getting strange chars in the device (locale de) ?!

    Many Thanks!

    Regards, Roland
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    Re: Pass MIDlet from user to user

    Thanks for your reply!

    Regards, Roland
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    Pass MIDlet from user to user


    We have a MIDlet which is a thesaurus of political terms, we would like
    to pass from user to user.

    On Nokia and others, it seems, you're not allowed to do so,
    as you get a message...
  5. E61i cuts off spaces from end of StringItems. Why?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to find a solution for the following problem on
    Series 60 3rd ed. devices:

    I'm creating a couple of StringItems, some of them are "normal" text,
    some are hyperlinks...
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    List element images centered ?


    What's the recommended way to center images in list elements?
    In my E61i, they are centered, while in (I guess) Series 40 Emulator/Devices,
    they're not.
    Or do they always have to be the...
  7. Spaces removed from end of StringItems (E61i)?

    Hi everyone!

    In my application I read in text from a file with hyperlinks in it.
    I'm generating a number of StringItems from it.
    (Hyperlinks -> StringItems + ItemCommands)

    I've seen, that my...
  8. Identical MIDlet and MIDlet suite names?


    is it legal to use the the same string for the
    MIDlet-name attribute, which identifies the name of the midlet suite
    and for the midlet?

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