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  1. Re: MIDlet that activates when the mobile cell phone starts

    You cant replace the Nokia handshake video but you can get your MIDlet to start when the phone is turned on using the Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start JAD attribute (Series 40 3rd Edition FP3 onwards)
  2. Help! Is this a bug in Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API (JSR-226) ?

    I pretty sure I have found a bug in the S60 implementation of JSR-226.

    The code below should not produce any visible output but there is a grey box visible on a S60 emulator or device.

  3. Re: Stangest thing I have seen in 6 years of J2ME development

    Yes i thought it could be thread synchronization issue, I am not using multiple threads but thought maybe S60 5th could be calling my listeners on different threads.

    Anyway I synchronized the...
  4. Re: Stangest thing I have seen in 6 years of J2ME development

    log is a class i have written called CompositeWindow (as is Frame).

    Im just totally baffled as to why a call to toString fixes the problem??

    I should really strip down the code slowly to...
  5. Stangest thing I have seen in 6 years of J2ME development

    Well except in the early days when nothing really worked as it was suppose to ;-)

    Has anyone else experienced some strange goings on with the S60 5th edition java implementation?

    I have code...
  6. Anybody know of a service/web api to make phone calls?

    It’s the age-old problem of pushing data to a mobile again. Now, of course, probably the most elegant solution is to use sms or wap push with an mbm or sms socket on the phone.

    But this incurs a...
  7. RDbDatabase: Has nobody used a EDbColText column without ENotNull?!

    It is not possible to have a EDbColText type column in a table without the ENotNull attribute set? Creating a table doesn't cause a problem but I get a DBMS 6 panic (EDbWrongType) whenever I try to...
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    Re: emulator not displayed

    What does happen exactly when you try to run the emulator? Does it load if you run it from windows explorer or the command line? Should be located somewhere like...
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    Re: DBMS problem

    I am also getting EDbWrongType but it the form of DBMS 6 panic not DBMS-Table 1.

    It happens during SetColL(), when I try and insert text into a EDbColText column which does not have the ENotNull...
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    Re: Very very stange indeed

    Starchaser, that’s exactly what going on! Thanks for that, I stepped though the code once more and it jumped back to the start of the loop.

    What got me in the first place was that the original...
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    Re: Very very stange indeed

    Right, still havent got anywhere...

    Thought it could possibly be something to do with my project settings as i started it from scratch without using a wizard.

    So I downloaded the BtObexExample...
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    Re: Very very stange indeed

    Thanks, i'll keep at it and post if I manage to find out what is going on
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    Very very stange indeed

    Can anybody help with this?

    When compiling this with GCCE and debugging it on a device, execution steps into the loop as you would expect:

    TInt32 a=0, b=1;
    TBool c = a<b, d;
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    Re: CSdpAgent Canceling - doesn't work?


    I was wondering if you could tell me how you got CSdpAgent::NextRecordRequestL() working in the first place?

    I always get error -6004 returned in...
  15. Re: Problems with connecting to BT-device (error -6004)


    Did you ever resolve your issue?

    I am having the similar problem with CSdpAgent::NextRecordRequestL(), error -6004 returned in MSdpAgentNotifier::NextRecordRequestComplete() every time I...
  16. Re: HELP! On Device Debuging has stopped working!

    I never backed up the previous version of the debug agent with the seperate apps for debugging with Bluetooth or WLAN but I have a phone which still has that version installed on it.

  17. HELP! On Device Debuging has stopped working!

    I was debugging my midlets on my 5500 over bluetooth with ease with the following setup:

    JDK 1.5.0_3
    Netbeans 5.5
    Series 60 3rd Edition SDK

    But then I did these silly, silly things:
  18. Re: E70 + Netbeans + S60 SDK --> failed to initialize session


    Did you manage to sort this one out in the end?

    Im having the exact same problem on my e50...
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    Re: Thawte certificate and S60 3rd edition

    Does somebody want to post a link to a thawte signed midlet so we can test it on more handsets?

    Ive got a 5500, e50, e60 that I could test it on.

    I want to get my midlet signed and would like...
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    Re: Arrays Vs Vectors ???

    The reference implementation of Vector uses an array (not a linked list) to hold the elements of the vector. Have a look at the RI from the cldc spec to see what going on under the hood. Basically...
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    Re: CustomItem traverse problem on S60

    In regards to the background not repainting correctly, ive had the same problems myself. Ive read that Nokia does not support use of the background in CustomItems and you are suppose to paint over...
  22. Nokia where is the S60 3rd Edition: Specification?!


    When are you planning on releasing the S60 3rd Edition: Specification as a lot of infomation in the S60 2nd Edition: Specification does not seem to apply to the 3rd.
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    On Device Debugging Configuration

    When debugging midlets on my nokia 5500 over bluetooth the debug agent deletes any rms stores on the device before starting the midlet.

    Is there anyway of preventing this from happening and also...
  24. Re: TextBox Editor presentation on Series60 3rd Ed

    Has anyone had experience with this?
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    S60 3Ed: App. closed: lcdui crash

    On my Nokia 5500 while removing Items from a Form which is currently on screen the vm sometimes crashes and gives the following error message: App. closed: lcdui.

    Haven't looked into exactly how...
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