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  1. Re: Install works on 3.12 firmware device, fails on 5.11 device

    Which SDK version are you using and do you package NFC libs with ur jar file ?
  2. Re: WIMA 2008 - Nokia Forum NFC Developer Training

    Thanks Geri-m I missed the workshop!
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    Re: doubts about sector trailer access

    Connect to HTTPS and retrieve key A & key B from there. MIDlet is ur proxy.
    Or try to access MIFARE container directly from ur Applet (maybe with ExtSystem lib).
  4. Re: How to get secure-element keys of 6131 (without using unlocking midlet)

    You can unlock your SE and then put ur own keyset but yeah chain of trust has been broken blblblbl.
    It's better to do this only for development purpose.

    Only way is to ask Venyon, Cassis or other...
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    Re: Bluetooth pairing

    I am quite sure "encoded bluetooth address as URI NDEF message" is not supported on 6131nfc.

    You have :
    NFC Forum Ext Type
    Bluetooth record (for printing/image frame)
  6. Changing CardManager keyset on 6131 NFC Secure Element


    I need technical support in order to set my own CardManager keys inside the smartcard of the NOKIA 6131 NFC (GlobalPlatform 2.1.1).
    First think to know is that my secure element has been...
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    Re: Permanently locking the secure element

    Guys, do you know how to reset permenant lock out of the Secure Element in case we did 10 incorrect tries :(
  8. Re: "6131 NFC" as WebService client: No class def found error: java.rmi.Remote

    So what is the solution to implement a web service client on NOKIA 6131 NFC ?
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    Re: Store records in Internal secure card

    You can store records on Elementary File, Dedicated File, ... in the internal Secure Card.
    See chapter 5 here: http://java.sun.com/products/javacard/AppletDevelopersGuide.html

    For backward...
  10. Re: 6131 NFC as a means to emulate ISO14443 cards in software

    Some readers support P2P as a top level protocol over NFC. I know PN531 does it but never tested it with Nokia 6131. Search for NFCIP-1 readers and maybe you will be able to connect your Midlet to a...
  11. Re: Detecting the Secure Element of the 6131 with another 6131

    NFC is magnetic field induction... maybe we found a real problem here. Phones (with tag detection ON) are on constant polling. Frequency band 13,56 Mhz could be altered ?

    We experience the same...
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    Re: Getting Unique ID of Secure element

    I am not sure about SE unique ID. But MIFARE 4K card emulated by the phone has a unique NFC ID (stored Block 0 Sector 0 Manufacturer Block).
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    Re: N6131 Secure Ele Version

    I think it's Java Card 2.2.1
  14. Re: Tag formatting to connect Btooth device to 6131

    Many thanks samuuh :)
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    Re: Making a Cardlet...

    Try to use JCOP Tools from IBM (I think support is now delegated to NXP).
    Then see http://java.sun.com/products/javacard/AppletDevelopersGuide.html
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    Re: Mifare Access Bits Tool

    Concerning Sector Trailer Access Bits, it is coded on 4 Bytes but I don't know about Byte number 9... I assume this is a kind of "check byte".
    Byte 6, 7, 8 have redundancy check (C1 C2 C3).
  17. Re: Wrong data to internal 4k on block 3 of one of sector

    Bad access bits will lock your MIFARE card for ever.
    See MIFARE NXP documentation and make some testing on cheap cards before doing this on the MIFARE card emulated by 6131.

    Well... I am not sure...
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    MIFARE 4K internal 6131 NFC SAK 0x38

    Hi !
    Is there a way to change Mifare SAK of the internal MIFARE 4K card emulated by the Nokia 6131 NFC ?
  19. Re: 6131 NFC as a means to emulate ISO14443 cards in software

    Hi Douglas,

    From what I understand, this is the right way to do. Secure Element of NOKIA 6131 is a SmartCard / JavaCard and you can upload your Applet (thanks to JCOP / Pegoda Reader) on unlocked...
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    Re: Storing data on the securecard

    Chapter "Declaring Constants" here: http://developers.sun.com/mobility/javacard/articles/intro/index.html#dclcon

    Your welcome ;)
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    Re: 'Applet' or 'SecureCard'?

    As far as I know, methods are the same.

    String uri = System.getProperty("internal.se.url");
    ISO14443Connection conn = (ISO14443Connection) Connector.open(uri);

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    Re: 'Applet' or 'SecureCard'?

    Let's add this info to WIKI :) thanks for clarification !
  23. Re: Nokia 6131 NFC (JSR 257) reader phone communication

    Good news if P2P works with this reader !
    I'll try with mine. SDK language is C and ask NXP for a PN531. Can't tell you more, sorry.
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    Re: Is the UnlockMidlet available???

    25 euros to unlock a SE :)
    Anyway thanks ToP Tunniste! This is the only way for the moment (or you can't upload your javacard applet without 3DES keys).

    I hope the unlock MIDlet will be available...
  25. Re: NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    Good job Raluca !
    Other code examples have already been posted by users. Maybe you can add them to the WIKI ? It would be great to have code samples for each NFC functionality.

    Read Mifare UID,...
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