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  1. Re: Unable to deploy/debug qt application on Nokia 5800

    Hi all,
    Had the same issue till now. Changing of ports did not help. So instead I just right clicked the device (N8 in my case) and uninstalled it. Then when I hooked on the device again the system...
  2. Re: QWebView Crashes on Symbian S60 5th ed. Category: Webkit CRASH; Reason: 0

    I am stuck with the same issue, want to do a FB authentication , I am able to go past the login screen, but then when the "Allow" page loads the app just crashes. I have increased the stack size...
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    Special character table E51

    I've created a simple editor in a hello world app.
    It works as expected on most of the phones I tested but on the E51 I found a problem.
    Pressing * on the E51 does not open the special character...
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    Forum advanced search

    I always search using this page , may be it will be helpful to others

    Advanced Forum Search

  5. Re: CEikEdwin and CEikSecretEditor problem..

    Use SetSize()
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    Re: Http post

    Hello Pankaj,

    I've set up a test php page, it will echo all the name value pairs which you POST to it.


    Hope this helps ;)
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    Re: Hilighting text in RichEditor

    Hi Sarayu,

    This can be achieved with a regular RichTextEditor, all you need is set up proper data structures of which text is to be highlighted and which not. So pressing arrow keys will first...
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    Re: Custom listbox


    I made changes in the DrawItem and DrawActualItem of the class I inherited from CListItemDrawer, seemed to do the trick ,somewhat.

    +Avinash Rathod
  9. Re: Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ and Beover1984

    Congrats guys.
  10. Re: No promotions:The Nokia C++ MOSHup Challenge

    OK the promotions are on now, got a mail form nokia.com about the challenge ;)
  11. Re: No promotions:The Nokia C++ MOSHup Challenge

    You're right, but all the other links like "Sign up to ForumNokia" etc.. all point to the right places , don't quiet understand this :(
  12. No promotions:The Nokia C++ MOSHup Challenge

    I stumbled upon this , never saw any promotions about it. The challange has already started since 11th Oct but I've seen no promos.

    BTW, its only for Indian developers. 3 N95's as prizes ;).
  13. Re: jB5 HTML Browser for 3rd edition S60 Mobiles

    It seems pretty slow in rendering.
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    Re: Nokia N95 8GB Black Edition

    Dont think , just buy it. Its the best phone out there.
  15. Re: listbox in full screen mode has a white bar at the bottom

    Did you solve this issue?
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    Re: listbox size and redraw problems

    Any breakthrough with this issue??
  17. Re: Full screen listbox skin not rendered correctly


    Were you able to solve the problem.
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    Re: How to stop Music Player? 3rd Edition.

    Even I would like to know that.
  19. Re: CEikEdwin and CEikSecretEditor problem..

    Did you try this
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    Re: Blast problem in Nokia

    Recently in a blog comment I talked about how people in one of the rural regions were apprehensive to buy Nokia 6600 because of the virus thing. Now these news channels showing all the...
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    Symbian Wiki Competition

    Hi all,

    Contribute to Symbian.com's wiki and win prizes. Competition open form 8th Aug to 26th Aug only.

    * 2 - Sony Ericsson P1
    * 1 - Nokia E90 Communicator
    * 1 - Nokia...
  22. Re: FN:Experts pls encourage to 'Search' more and 'Post' less..

    The point is , try searching for something on google and you will come on a FN discussions page , now with the same keywords the FN search sometimes gives no results :(

    I usually search the...
  23. Re: FN:Experts pls encourage to 'Search' more and 'Post' less..

    If any one has greviances that the forum search is no good , just read this thread https://blogs.forum.nokia.com/view_entry.html?id=600

    I surely agree that spoon feeding should be discouraged,...
  24. Re: Removing Shortcut on N95 Active Display

    Thats what I always wanted , just check out my post on my blog here

  25. Re: HandleResourceChange() in 3rd edition - Nokia experts, please!

    E90 : S60 with small screen outside , larger inside. So I think if we handle resolution as well as rotation in applications better for us developers.
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