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  1. Re: Can I submit Qt for S60 application to OVI Store?

    The license for the QT for S60 SISX forbids you from shipping it. If you want to ship QT for S60 with the LGPL license then you need to download the LGPL'd source code and build & sign your own SISX....
  2. How can an app use the same help viewer that built-in apps use?

    I am testing my application on a S60 3rd Edition FP2 device. I am trying to get my online help to use the same help viewer that the native applications use. It looks like they are using some kind of...
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    Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL


    I agree that requiring end-users (not just pirates) to hack their firmware is a good deterrent to piracy. However, other aspects of Apple's implementation are not good. In particular, it...
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    Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL


    If the only reason the app has ReadDeviceData is to check the IMEI, then the cracker just needs to use a hex editor to disable those checks (usully by changing a single "jump not equal"...
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    Re: Lead Time for Approval

    I have heard (from other developers) that the lead time is at *least* 3 weeks.

    Edit: Here's part of a post from Jim in the Java DRM thread:

    "Due to the Ovi app store being totally over loaded...
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    Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL

    Since my post was deleted, I will just re-iterate the main points:

    DRM 1.0 Forward Lock cannot prevent piracy because it requires the client to enforce the DRM. Any client that doesn't implement...
  7. Re: CAknMessageQueryDialog and line break problem on FP2

    I have run into this as well--not just on FP2 but also on 5th edition. In my case I am using CAknListQueryDialog with a AVKON_LIST_QUERY_CONTROL_WITH_MSGBOX but it is exactly the same issue. The...
  8. How can I retrieve the "New message" icon from the current skin/theme?

    I am trying to use the icon for the "New Message" feature of the messaging application in my application. This icon is skinnable, so the current theme may or may not have provided its own version of...
  9. Re: Users get an error when trying to buy our app

    Just out of curiousity, are you a Forum Nokia Pro or Forum Nokia LaunchPad member? I am wondering if they are getting priority support for the Ovi Store.
  10. Re: Users get an error when trying to buy our app

    I also experienced the "problem with the payment service" issue repeatedly when attempting to purchase apps from the store over the weekend. I believe one of the apps was Clipiti.

    Now, when I go...
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    Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL

    Jim, anybody that even thinks for two minutes about how to work around OMA DRM 1.0 forward lock will realize it is trivial. It is important that all developers understand how trivial it is to bypass...
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    Re: Serious Concerns About Ovi Store and DRM FL

    Marco (or anybody): have you heard anything about this issue yet?

    It seems like Nokia is doing a much better job of answering technical questions now, but this DRM issue seems to have slipped...
  13. Re: How to protect Java MIDlet without DRM FL?

    Why doesn't the Ovi Store have an option for DRM Forward Lock for Java ME applications like it does for native Symbian S60 applications?

    The app property technique you described just doesn't work....
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    Re: DRM protection in OVI

    There is no DRM option when creating a Java content item.
  15. Re: How to protect Java MIDlet without DRM FL?

    I would also like to know the answer for this. Why is there no DRM option for Java MIDlets? Is it automatic? Or, is it impossible?
  16. Re: DRM and Download FAQ content protection used on Ovi

    The $20 price is for Symbian Express Signed. Java Verified is *much* more expensive than that.
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    Re: Access to application (full version) URL

    Using only the SIS filename is not going to be a reliable means of determining if the application was installed from the Ovi Store. If somebody can get the SIS file some other way, they can rename it...
  18. Re: Unlocked Applications & Security on Ovi Servers

    If you want your application to be available at launch then you have to trust the security of the Ovi Store. Or, if you want to wait and see if somebody has found a flaw in the security mechanism,...
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    Re: Update device list

    Yes, *please* update the device list.

    It looks like we should assume that screen size is not a factor in determining what devices get supported by the store. Instead, look at the operating system...
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    Re: Does my website need to support OTA?

    You have to upload your application to Ovi and then the user downloads it from Ovi. Your website isn't (and can't be) involved at all.
  21. Re: How can an app detect it was installed with the Ovi store?

    Checking the SISX file name is not secure enough; if the end-user gets the SISX from a different channel, he could simply rename the SISX file and trick the application into thinking it was installed...
  22. How does the Ovi Store implement Forward Lock (for native S60 apps)?

    As far as I can tell from the guide, the only copy protection mechanism for the Ovi Store is OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock. Nokia documented [1] that OMA DRM 1.0 by itself is not enough to protect native...
  23. Re: How can an app detect it was installed with the Ovi store?

    I still haven't received a response regarding this issue.

    For Java applications, I agree that modifying the JAD file instead of the JAR would probably work (I haven't tried it yet). But, my...
  24. Re: Ovi Store event on 19th of March in Mountain View, California

    What is the itinerary? Are you going to be giving technical details or is this just a networking thing? And, if you are giving technical details, when will those details be available online?
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    Re: Schedule for Languages and Countries

    The reason I mentioned France and Finland is because France is huge and because I expect Nokia to launch stuff in Finland at the same time as other countries. I don't have any interest in any...
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