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  1. How to add external libraries for drawing graphs

    Please help...

    I am new in j2me. I can't draw graphs using j2me. I am using eclipse3.1 version, with cldc1.1 and MIDP2.0, How to add external libraries into our project. I can add libraries,...
  2. Thread: E90 pblm

    by anoopev

    E90 pblm

    hi all,,

    our application is symbian signed one. App runs fine on
    E50, E60 ,N80 devices. But problem occurs while running our app in Nokia E90 communicator. After displaying splash...
  3. certificate error contact the application supplier

    I have tried installing an application in RDA.
    But there is some issue in installing the s/w in E90, N95 and N80Certification error was shown even if the app was signed.

    Then change the settings...
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