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  1. Re: S60 3rd Edition SDK Installation Problem

    The real problem is that XP's newest patches confict with the S60 3rd edition installation program. If you open the "auto updated" in windows, you'll encounter this like me.
    The only way is to...
  2. Suggestion:Why don't Nokia get rid of Windows?

    Why Nokia STICKS to windows??

    I used to use Ubuntu to develop server side codes ,that's fabulous!
    When I want to develop client side, I have to return my ugly,silly,sick windows machine.
  3. Re: Problem Installing S60 Platform for Symbian OS

    I encountered the same problem.

    After reviewing the post, I thing I find the point.

    ALL of us installed window XP and the newest patches. (MS just released the 9 important patches for XP SP2)....
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