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  1. Blogging from phone [extracted from: Native Symbian FTP Client?]

    I planning on getting some webspace there to host my own blog. Is it possible to upload only small pieces of text via my mobile phone?
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    Re: Slow to update?

    I guess this would be because Nokia has to review your update the same way when you had your app reviewed for publishing. It is not an instant task, as if this was the case, it could be abused by...
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    Re: Regarding Payment

    Thank you for sharing this information. I was also wondering about terms as I have been reading through the FAQ but never got a solid and precise answer. So I guess it could very well take some...
  4. Re: Need Urgent Help Nokia N73 Memory Card Unlock

    I do not see a reason why your memory card would suddenly ask you for a password for you to access it. Can you describe where the problem happens, for example when accessing media, the file explorer...
  5. Re: How to know the model of a phone connected to me via Bluetooth?

    As far as i know, bluetooth discovery does not allow tagging of connected or incoming devices. If you still want to pursue transfers wirelessly, I would suggest that you look at other possible...
  6. Re: "Devices left pending are not supported by Ovi Store"?

    I reckon the best way to solve this, though it would entail much work, is publish applicable applications market style. Meaning only the applicable applications to a specific app will be shows once...
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