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  1. Re: Hello from your new community manager

    Welcome to the community Jen :)
  2. Re: Congratulations to Sara Silva, November 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    37 new articles and translations!! Congratulations on your success! This is indeed a good motivation...
  3. Re: Congratulations Kaj-Michael Lang, Nokia Asha Wiki Competition winner

    Great work Kaj-Michael...
  4. Re: Winner 3 is

    Congratulations all! All of this would be quite useful for me in upcoming days!
  5. Re: Congratulations to the winner(s) of the Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3

    Congratulations PedroQ for coming up with this innovative idea of using Nokia Imaging SDK!
  6. Re: Congratulations to Alessandro La Rosa, July 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats Alessandro !!!!
  7. Re: Congratulations Shai Ifrach, Poster of the Month for July 2013

    Congratulations Shai!!! A well deserving person indeed!
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    [Weird] App Build Error

    This weird error message stops me from building Application.
    Yesterday I had the same message, I googled and tried all, and eventually uninstalled everything (SDK, Emulator, JDK) and re-installed....
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    Asha Development Possibilities

    I'm planning to develop an application for Nokia Asha FT series, however there were few questions regarding the portability considerations.

    1) Can we have a local storage implemented in S40...
  10. Re: Congratulations Graham Hughes, Poster of the Month for March 2013

    Congratulations Graham!!! Brilliant performance..
  11. Re: Congratulations Balagopal NKnair, Poster of the Month for February 2013

    Well done Balagopal!! Congratulations!
  12. Re: Congratulations to Aady, February 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Aady!! Way to go!
  13. Re: New contest: Windows Phone Next App Star

    I must say this is an excellent opportunity! Since Imagine Cup is also in its way, participants can also compete in this competition...
    I'll surely participate, however my apps would all rely on...
  14. Re: Congratulations to Vaishali Rawat, January 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Vaishali!!
  15. Re: Digital Marketing Kit - "Errors found: No images could be downloaded"

    Oh I see,
    Sorry for that,
    The bug has been reported and it shall be fixed in few days hopefully

    Thanks for leading us there..
  16. Re: Digital Marketing Kit - "Errors found: No images could be downloaded"

    Well, I've tested Digital Marketing Tool and it works perfectly for WP7 apps! However for the apps that *only* support WP8 aren't supported yet...
    Try porting your WP8 apps to WP7 too...
    You just...
  17. Re: Digital Marketing Kit - "Errors found: No images could be downloaded"

    Well, the tool shouldn't be the cause of this I guess. But let's see, something was really strange. By the way your other wp apps like "Quick Message" and "Plainsight Password" are working fine with...
  18. Re: Windows Phone 8 Wiki Competition 2012Q4 - WINNERS

    Congratulations to all winners!!
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    Re: win7 rda only blank screen

    How about installing latest Java JDK (you can install both, 32-bit and 64-bit) and then open your command prompt and type "java" to check whether its installed or not...
    If some commands show up...
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