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    Re: HTTP Post Image

    Girish3110 was last here four years ago. Please start a new thread and post your question, I'm sure someone will help you.

  2. Re: Development environment clarification for S40 touch

    Always "Java ME MIDlet".

    If you're using the Eclipse integration, you set the icon for the MIDlet in the Application Descriptor editor. It must be a PNG file.

    To package (again, if you're...
  3. Re: Best practises for performing Image Processing in S40?

    Yes, it is a tricky problem.

    Decompressed, an image is likely to take (depending on device) between two and four bytes per pixel. At four bytes per pixel, a 5Mpixel image needs 20Mb of memory......
  4. Re: How to combine PNG images together in a row

    I think we need to clarify what you want to do.

    What do you mean by "combine them as one image"? And why do you want to do it?
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    Re: Java Applications issue in belle

    Just because a Java app works on one model of handset, does not mean it will work on another. You should ensure that the developer says it has been tested on works on your model. The major game...
  6. Re: Pausing and Resuming j2me application and it's working

    How are you waiting for a message? By using MessageConnector.receive(), or a MessageListener? Perhaps the specific fragment of code would help...

    I'm guessing you are using receive(), in which...
  7. Re: Testing Enabled Trusted Certificated Status in an S40 device

    Bear in mind that this varies by device, and may vary between network operators.

    As many as you like. Certificates have an expiry date, which is typically two years (depending on what you pay...
  8. Re: Connection Exception in j2me app via httpconnection

    I'm not sure what that means. What do you want to do?
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    Re: Run Multiple Emulators

    Realistically, you are unlikely to be able to establish a socket device-to-device connection anyway...

  10. Re: Help ! "Failed to load the JNI shared library"

    I also get this problem, but haven't resolved it yet...

    It seems to be common to people running 64 bit Windows, and I think it's because the Nokia IDE is 32 bit and is looking for 32 bit JDK (and...
  11. Re: Pausing and Resuming j2me application and it's working

    No... I mean you need to catch the exception so that the process does not terminate.

    Do you know what exception is being thrown and from where?

    Is your application receiving SMS?

  12. Re: Congratulations Graham Hughes, Poster of the Month for March 2013

    Thank you all, fellow developers!

    It's good to be back... :)
  13. Re: Pausing and Resuming j2me application and it's working

    OK... you do not need to do anything.

    There is no point in adding code to pauseApp(), as no Nokia device ever calls pauseApp().

    If you are having a problem after a call, I would imagine that...
  14. Re: New to Nokia java development, running on emulator throws ClassNotFoundException

    Yes... that's the eclipse Mobile Tools for Java... not a Nokia thing... and it catches me time and time again!!
  15. Re: please help me buid a s40 java Live TV App by parsing contents from xml.aspx fil

    See the XML Parsing Example in the wiki.

    There are many other examples in the wiki.

  16. Re: Using self-issued certificates with secure socket connections (SSL)?

    That would be my understanding. Unless traud replies and tells us otherwise - he knows more than me on this subject.

    That's down to what you think your users will stand. But life is simpler...
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    Re: which Key to use in keyRepeated event

    You can't capture key events if your app is in the background.

    What are you trying to achieve?
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    Re: 8-Error in HTTP operation

    What are you running this on? Device, emulator, make, model, version, as much detail as possible, please.


    There are lots of messages in the form "java.io.IOException: n-Error in HTTP...
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    Re: 8-Error in HTTP operation

    That's the code that's throwing the exception. Has it changed?
  20. Re: How would I simulate conditions to execute proximityEvent() method

    Check the documentation of the emulator for how to do this. It will have a specific mechanism for simulating GPS position.
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    Re: Gauge problem in s40 SDK 2.0

    Here's my code...

    import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;

    public class GaugeTest extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {
    private static final...
  22. Re: Full screen mode is not working in ASha(java)

    You never need to setFullScreenMode(false), as not-full-screen is the default.

    If you want a title to appear, call setTitle(someText).

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    Re: How to pause and resume the thread

    What problem would you solve by changing it?

    Yes, you can do it by removing the ProximityListener, then re-adding it with all the targets using the new proximity.
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    Re: How to pause and resume the thread

    No what?


    Five coordinates. Five calls to LocationProvider.addProximityListener(). One listener. Five events.

    private static final int PROXIMITY = 50; // metres
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    Re: Menu in Asha

    OK. If you read the the rules about command mapping on Asha devices, you'll see that when you have one Command, and it is of type "OK", it is assigned to the Action 1 button (with a "tick" icon). ...
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