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    Re: Problem about full screen application

    My application is a simple Avkon View-Switching Architecture application

    in my AppUI class, I try to hide cba & status pane

    void UITestAppUi::ConstructL() {
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    Problem about full screen application

    I set a application to full screen style , following this way:


    But, when I press soft key, status...
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    About changing application's UID

    To change app's UID From UID_A to UID_B, I do the following modification, but it doesn't work

    in .mmp file
    UID <app fixed> UID_A -> UID <app fixed> UID_B

    in _reg.src file
    UID3 UID_A -> UID3...
  4. How can I change a project to a completely different one

    Hi all,

    What I want to do is to make some changes to project (in Carbide C++) , so it can be a completely different project which can exist in the device while the old one still there.

    But I...
  5. Re: What will happen if server send more data than that client can receive?


    Actually, What I am using is RecvOneOrMore(), can you tell me what will happen in that case? The data I don't fetch in time will be stored in TCP stack, is it?
  6. What will happen if server send more data than that client can receive?

    Using TCP protocal

    client requests to RSocket every second:

    TBuf<1024> iRecvBuf;
    iSock.Recv(iRecvBuf, 0, iStatus, iRecvLen);

    So, client can get 1k data every second.

    If server sends...
  7. Re: About implement of camera application in N95

    Hi jappit,

    Thanks for reply,
    I prefer to use symbian C++.
  8. About implement of camera application in N95

    Hi All,

    N95's camera application is a full screen one with some icons and buttons 'overlay' on the viewfinder(focus indicator also on it). I wonder to know how to implement this overlay. To draw...
  9. CImageDecoder::Convert() is suspended by other AO request

    Hi All,

    There are two Active Objects in my program.
    One contains a CImageDecoder, the other one contains a RSocket.

    After CImageDecoder::Convert() is called, any active object request can not...
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