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  1. Re: Not able to retreive cellid in 9.1 phones

    I was not getting any error/leave/panic. I was getting the value as o for both cellid and location area code. Then i found out that there is a known issue that the API receives both location area...
  2. Not able to retreive cellid in 9.1 phones

    Hi All,

    I am developing an application which retrieves the cellid and location area code whenever there is a change in cellid. It is working fine in the 9.2 phones but, it is not working in 9.1...
  3. Problem with Contacts Synchronization using syncml framework

    I need to develop an application in S60 3rd ed which will synchronise the contacts in the phonebook to a remote server(will likely use funambol DS Server).I am totally lost and not sure where to...
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