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  1. RIA for Brain Computer Interfaces at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010

    At some point in your life you may have lazed on the couch hoping things could get done just by thinking about it. Brain Computer Interfaces allow you to do just that. Brain Computer Interface (BCI)...
  2. Mark Doherty Speaks on AIR 2.5 for Android at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010

    Bangalore, July 21, 2010: Ever wanted to extend Flash Player 10.1? Do you need multi-touch in your mobile application? Mark will be in Bangalore this August to walk you through the new features of...
  3. Plug In to the Web at India's Largest Adobe Conference

    Bangalore, June 16, 2010: Adobe Flash Platform Summit, India's largest Adobe conference, recognizes the blurring dynamic of the designer/developer workflow, and features the latest developments on...
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