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  1. Alert with Gauge while reading data from web J2ME

    Hi i want to fetch data from web in j2me... for that there is alert with Gauge is displaying while loading data it should gone when data is loaded from internet not before that but in my case before...
  2. how can i use nokia asha vkb (i think it's virtual keyboard)?

    Hello In j2me

    How can i call nokia asha VKB can any one give me example of that and what is SW ITU-T keyboards?
  3. [moved] Navigate to another FORM while pressing BACK key

    I have two FORM, On one form 'A' i have one button, when i click on that button it's navigating on another FORM 'B', now when i press BACK key it should go to FORM 'A', but exit dialog box is coming...
  4. Min requirement of publishing j2me apps

    Sir i have developed so many j2me apps but after publishing one app i got QA review that my application will not submit because of ISSUE #1: SUMMARY: 'About' is not included in the application.
  5. Re: Reading SMS Problem by AT commands for Nokia-5130 XpressMusic Series

    hello vipul
    i am amit and i have also Nokia 5130 xpress music phone
    i am trying to send sms with "AT" command but i could not send
    so pls tell me how can you send sms?
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