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    Symbian Signed capabilities problem


    I'm writing this thread because it seems my problem cannot be solved other way... The problem is the following: I am struggling to get my application Symbian Signed for about 2 weeks now. ...
  2. Re: Problem using CContactDatabase::FindLC

    Can anybody suggest an answer to this issue?
  3. Re: Problem using CContactDatabase::FindLC

    The code I use is:

    void CMyContactsManager::ApplyFilterL(const TDesC& aFilterText)
    CContactItemFieldDef* fieldDef = new CContactItemFieldDef();
    CleanupStack::PushL( fieldDef);
  4. Problem using CContactDatabase::FindLC


    I have a small problem using CContactDatabase::FindLC(...) in the sense that it does not really filter contacts as the OS' Contacts application does.

    As an example, I have 2 contacts,...
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    Re: Send flash SMS

    Can you apply that to my code? As you can see, I am not using CSmsMessage directly....

    The calling code is

    void CMySmsEngine::CmdSendL(TDesC const& aSmsBody)
    TBuf<KMaxFileName> smsBody;...
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    Send flash SMS


    Can somebody tell me if it is possible on S60 (2nd and 3rd editions) to send a flash SMS (a 'class 0' SMS - the SMS should open on the receiver's phone automatically)? If yes, please also...
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    Re: Changing URL to TInetAddr

    Managed to do it as you suggested.
  8. Contacts applications "Options" menu change


    Just wondering... is it possible to develop a new option in the contacts application (contacts list) and / or call log?

    I know that a 3rd party MTM can be made to appear in the Contacts...
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    Re: Changing URL to TInetAddr

    In order to use RHostResolver::GetByName() I have to connect the thread through a socket to some server via a asynchronous call. So I will make a connection needed to make another connection... can...
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    Changing URL to TInetAddr


    I have a piece of streaming code that connects through sockets using a TInetAddr parameter.

    The initial URL is parsed and the TInetAddr is created by transforming the IP in the URL to...
  11. Problem running S60 Internet Radio Application on 3rd edition MR emulator


    I have a problem running S60 Internet Radio Application on 3rd edition MR emulator: it seems that no plugin can be found:

    Here's the original code from...
  12. Re: Uninstall runtime created files - PKG syntax

    Thanks, I know about the cleaning application, but I cannot apply it since there will be need for that also to be Symbian Signed.

    Other question: can I use wildcards when specifying the PKG...
  13. Uninstall runtime created files - PKG syntax

    When you uninstall a program via its sis file, the uninstaller will remove all the files that were copied to the phone by the installer as specified in the file specification lines of the pkg file....
  14. Re: Install application icon in main menu

    Well, I removed the default_screen_number definition in the rss file and now it works fine...
  15. Re: Install application icon in main menu

    I found a link, http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Developing_applications_for_secondary_display, that totally torn me down:

    I don't get it anymore...
  16. Re: Install application icon in main menu

    Thanks for the reply...

    But if I skip that group creation for the application icon in main menu exerything works fine...

    Any idea why this might happen?
  17. Re: Install application icon in main menu

    I got the idea that I cannot get but a folder in the main menu. It is OK for the moment. The problem I now have is that the application does not start anymore and throws a WSERV 65 panic. This code...
  18. Install application icon in main menu


    I want to install the application icon in main menu. I searched this forum and found the following code to add a separate group in the main menu:

  19. Emulate a USB connection from emulator to computer


    I am working on a remote application via USB for S60 3rd edition, and I have some problems debugging the application while running on device.

    MetroTRK cannot be used because the device...
  20. Re: Notification when USB cable plugged in

    Thanks, will take a look on it
  21. Re: Notification when USB cable plugged in

    I cannot find neither the file nor the variable you suggested. I use Symbian 3.0 MR June 2006 and Nokia_Enterprise_Solutions_SDK_3.0_Plug_for_MR_setup.exe
  22. Re: Notification when USB cable plugged in

    Is there any way to detect this also for 2nd edition?
    The device displays the USB connector icon, so this is possible...
  23. Notification when USB cable plugged in


    How can I be notified when a USB cable is plugged into the mobile phone (e.g. issuing a connection to the computer) in PC-suite or data transfer mode?

    Thank you!
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    Re: list .exe files

    The same answer, the same reason... unfortunately no
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    Re: S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2

    AFAIK there is no FP2 device at the moment...
    Please check http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/matrix_s60_1.html to see the full list of Nokia devices announced until today.

    For your second...
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