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    Re: Themes messing with Qt components?

    There might be a bug how QS60Style works with QStyleSheets. However, there is no way to keep elements from previous active theme, when user switches to a new theme. Unless your app provides the...
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    Re: Position of auto-completion options

    AFAIK, you cannot control the location of that window. The native keyboard tries to put it into "correct" position. You might want to file a bug for Qt about it.
  3. Re: How to make combobox items scrollable as a list widget?

    If you are forced to work with QWidgets, then I propose that you switch to button + list, instead of combobox.
    QComboBox has lots of own "special" code, which makes it rather error prone and hard to...
  4. Re: How to get a brighter version of a standard icon from QStyle

    You might want to take a peek at http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qstyle.html#generatedIconPixmap.

    But, unless you change both the background and foreground graphics, it is bound to cause issues with...
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    Re: TextInput Auto-Complete

    Great that the flag setting works. Not-so-great that the firmware issue is still there...
    (if doing your own app, you can add capability SwEvent to our app and the crash won't happen anymore)
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    Re: TextInput Auto-Complete

    Set Qt::ImhNoPredictiveText flag to the QInputContext.

    Note that the application crash you specified above, is a firmware issue in in Sym^3 devices. Lets hope it is fixed in Belle.
  7. Re: How to add two images in Pushbutton using CSS QT?

    You'll need to have some logic what happens when a button is pressed (i.e. clicked() signal needs to be connected to custom slot), otherwise it won't work.
  8. Re: How to add two images in Pushbutton using CSS QT?

    Or if you just need to switch the icon of the button when it has been pressed, see the QPushButton::setIcon() API.
  9. Re: How to add two images in Pushbutton using CSS QT?

    You want your button1 to remain pressed down, until button2 is pressed? And vice versa?

    If I understood correctly your wants and needs, check properties checkable and checked for the QPushButton....
  10. Re: How to add two images in Pushbutton using CSS QT?

    Can you share the whole code you are trying to use?

    For me this works (yeah its colors instead of images):

    QString buttonStyle(
    "QPushButton {color: rgb(255,0,0);\n"
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    Re: QWebView setZoomFactor

    It seems to be an issue in 4.7.3, which is apparently fixed for 4.8.0 (see https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-18926 for details)
  12. Re: How to set Individual color for every parse Value???

    QString by itself is not a visual representation of the text. Either put the strings to QLabels and concatenate those, or use html as part of strings and then display it as html.
  13. Re: How to indent a text from left to right in a QListWidget?

    Depends on how you use the QListWidget, but generally see this from SDK:
  14. Re: How to display the information inside a QComboBox by dropdown?

    AFAIK, tooltips don't work in Qt/Symbian: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-9028
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    Re: How to set button images for Qt?

    Use stylesheets: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/stylesheet.html
  16. Re: How to display the text in a tool other than message box?

    QDialog by itself does not have any text "property", it is just a empty window. If you need to show a widget inside a dialog (such as QLabel), you need to add that to the dialog.
    If you need to have...
  17. Re: How to open the keyboard not in full screen??

    Nice, Tiger54. Have a nice splitview! :)
  18. Re: how to get the singal of app be foreground and background?

    Instead of filtering symbian events, you might want to filter Qt events: QEvent::ApplicationActivate and QEvent::ApplicationDeactivate.
  19. Re: How to open the keyboard not in full screen??

    Qt 4.7.3 does not support the splitview yet (the flag is available, but it has no implementation). In Qt 4.7.4, it should work (but no auto-translation of QWidgets, i.e. app needs to ensure itself...
  20. Re: Unable install a working Qt application on s60 3rd edition devices /mobiles

    Try here: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qt/symbian/
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    Re: QScrollArea::ensureVisible() doesn't work

    I had sort of similar issue way back. The issue for me was that the scrollbars weren't visible, so they didn't do any scrolling, even if nicely asked. So ensure that your horizontal/vertical...
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    Re: Qt Application with 40 MB resorces.

    Thanks. :)
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    Re: Qt Application with 40 MB resorces.

    Your link seems to be broken. But good that you found the solution.
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    Re: Qt Application with 40 MB resorces.

    There are a couple of tips in one old similar forum post:...
  25. Re: unable to check checkbox in listwidget....

    I think I answered this before to you, but:

    "Make QListView signal clicked() or activated() to call a your own slot where you call setCheckState() for the list view. "

    I.e. define custom slot...
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