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    You are right

    Can you tell me how is the URL you are using?

    With that function you just save time in the discovery phase because the phone doesn´t have to scan all the frecuencies again.

    Happy coding!
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    the reason why

    I´m using this and it works to discover services:

    UUID[] uuid = new UUID[]{new UUID(0x0100),new UUID(0x0003),new UUID(0x0008)};

    But when I saw your message I added the serial port service and...
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    Discovering services and GPS connection

    With the function retrieveDevices( ) you will get an array with RemoteDevice objects that has just been accesed or that are in the system cache, so you don´t make the user to go through the...
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    retrieveDevices( )

    The function you are looking for belongs to the class: DiscoveryAgent. and it is: retrieveDevices(int option)

    I think I´m using it right but it doesn´t seem to work correctly in my 6600. I´m...
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    It happens to me too in my 6600. I´m drawing a...

    It happens to me too in my 6600. I´m drawing a star field. In a 3650 and in a 7650 it works fine, but in my 6600 the stars are bigger than they should be. What a crap implementation of the MIDP 2.0!...
  6. Simultaneous keystrokes and 6600

    I didn´t have problems using the getHeight( ) and getWidth( ) methods in a 3650 and a 7650. That worked ok too with a series 40 phone. The problem is the damn 6600. Now that I fixed that the hard way...
  7. It happens to me too. But I´m not getting the...

    It happens to me too. But I´m not getting the right values even after a serviceRepaints( ). I can´t believe how bad is the J2ME implementation of the 6600. Porting a game from a 3650 it´s being a...
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    Are you using System.gc( ) ? It slows down...

    Are you using System.gc( ) ? It slows down performance in the real Phone dramatically, while works perfect in the emulator
  9. Thank You!

    I misunderstood the docs then. I´m very sad I can´t use the API for my 3650 and my 7650. I guess I´ll have to buy the newer one.

    At least I won´t be wasting more time trying to use the API.
  10. Are you sure?

    Hello. Thank you for your response. I think that´s not the reason. I´m compiling for MIDP 1.0. The Bluetooth API is included with the classes for MIDP 1.0. (That´s what it says in the documentation)....
  11. Bluetooth API not working

    Hello. I´ve got the new APIs for bluetooth but they don´t seem to work in a real phone. I´m suspicious that these APIs are only suitable for emulation. I´m wasting a lot of time. Please tell me if...
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    Bluetooth API problem

    As I can see I´m not the only one that can´t use the Bluetooth API in a real Phone. Nokia 3650. Please if anyone can confirm me that it is not possible write me an e-mail to albertogutim@terra.es....
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