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  1. KErrSSLAlertIllegalParameter using RConnection

    I work an a pretty mature project at Nokia. Most users of our client connect via SSL and don't have any problems.

    However, we are aware of a handful of users with the following problem. When our...
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    Re: SSL handshake error -7547

    Adding to this question:

    I work at Nokia on a 3 yr old project. Most of our customers use SSL connections between our email client and their servers. However we have recently become aware of a...
  3. Need to generate and parse XML documents (not wbXML)

    I'm having trouble finding documentation or classes related to the following:

    I need to generate and parse XML documents. I also need to be able to define the tags used in the document.

  4. Signing embedded sis with different certificate

    I work on at Nokia and this is for a Nokia project. If I embed a Symbian signed sis package that has sensitive capabilities, what is the criteria for the certificate that I must use to sign the sis...
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