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  1. Create MMS in inbox, feature not supported?

    I am attempting to create an MMS message programatically in the inbox. When I attempt to open it, I get a "(-5) Feature not supported" error message and the multimedia app just sits there with a wait...
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    Blending changed in FP1 devices?

    We have a custom listbox implementation that uses a component control to render the current selection. Until now we have simply had it draw itself by filling it's rect with a color at 50% opacity....
  3. Carbide Dev license on laptop/desktop concurrently?

    Is it possible for me to use my non-floating license on two separate systems, as long as only one is being used at a time? I frequently move between developing on my laptop and my desktop and I'd...
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    Re: Trouble in Importing MMP

    I can't tell you how badly this problem bothers me. It's making it pretty much impossible for me to migrate from CodeWarrior at this point.
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    View unsupported BIO messages?

    Is it possible for the messaging app to let the user view BIO messages that do not have the required plugin? So for instance, if I have my parser installed it handles the message when opening, but if...
  6. Re: Bio message handling for Symbian 3rd Edition

    Thanks! Been working on some BIO messaging and it's been like pounding my head against a wall.
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