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  1. Re: New Firmware Update for Nokia N95 (RM-159 ) :December 4 - 2008

    Even I read the similar stuff.. but somewhere in this forum i have mentioned the change log too....

    Adding to that.. I've found one more difference....

    Keep you mobile in silent mode . and...
  2. New Firmware Update for Nokia N95 (RM-159 ) :December 4 - 2008

    Hello All,

    It looks like new firmware update is available for Nokia N95 basic model :).

    Earlier Version of Firmware was : 30.0.015
    Now the latest available Firmware was : 31.0.014
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    Re: Broken Webpage : Please Correct

    Thanks for the working link.. and fast response.. :)

    The broken link can be found on..

    http://www.callingallinnovators.com/train.asp ( you might need to select the asia pac region and then...
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    Broken Webpage : Please Correct

    Accessed the below link from http://www.callingallinnovators.com/train.asp, but the link seems to be broken... please correct...


  5. Why carbide C++ express edition doesnot support WINS platform?

    just managed to install carbide c++ express edition 1.2 and serie 60 sdk for wins platform . But it was unable to detect the s60 wins sdk.

    Donot know the reason behind no support for wins...
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