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  1. Re: [nokia 6131] problem with internal card emulation


    I did not checked the "Trailer Blocks of Internal Mifare"... Do you mean try to read 4 first blocks with transport keys? (in ordrer to know the other keys?)

    I do not have any "singin...
  2. [nokia 6131] problem with internal card emulation


    Few month ago I wrote midlet for the nokia 6131, using emulation card functionality of the phone. It writes information on the emulated card, that are read by an external NFC reader.

  3. Re: Direct communication between Nokia 6131 NFC and Omnikey 5321 reader


    I am currently searching for a reader (any company) that is implementing the P2P mode. It should be able to deal with a P2P communication with a 6131.

    Do you know one? (product or advanced...
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    Re: P2P NFC connection pb on 6131

    I have now a clearer idea of what's going wrong.
    The error happens when the application is quitted with the notifyDestroyed() function (I do not forget to close the connection). It does not...
  5. evaluate the usage of JSR 172 and Web services

    I am trying to evaluate the usage of the JSR 172 (mainly WS client part). my questions are:
    -are there many people using JSR 172 (mostly ws client part) to build there application?
    -do you...
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    Re: P2P communication problem

    zhs_bravo, Do you have any idea why you should move away telephones? Is it something you noticed or a way it should be used?
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    P2P NFC connection pb on 6131


    When trying to exchange data using P2P connection via NFC on 6131, I got a pb:

    at the first connection, no pb!
    but when I try once again to connect telephones, I get a "send failed...
  8. dealing with closing a MIDlet after platformRequest


    I would like to developp a MIDlet running on Noki 6131 NFC. This MIDlet enables a user to browse a wap page. To do so, I meant to use the MIDLlet.platformRequest method. But this means that...
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    Re: Error in HTTP operation

    I'm am currently trying to make a connection between a midlet on a 6131 and a servlet.
    This code was running under other mobile phone but is not working on 6131. I have tried it both on the mobile...
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