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    Re: I cannot create a sis file

    This is very odd, the srcfile should refer to your Main SWF that you select in the UI.

    1. Are you packaging a swf?
    2. What's the path to the file?
    3. Where are you seeing this error?

  2. Re: problem testing location aware apps in E71

    I don't believe that this device is supported for Platform Services, currently it's 5th Edition and the following 3rd Edition devices.

    Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia N86 8MP...
  3. Re: Installation of .sis freaks the phone out!

    That's odd, and you have definitely selected SVG-T or SVG1.0? It may be that Nokia don't support some of the XML tags, though they have a doc on this.....
  4. Re: Installation of .sis freaks the phone out!

    Dotted lines must not be supported by SVG-t, remember to use illustrator or a similar tool that can output this format correctly.

    that said, it should not crash the phone!
  5. Re: Installation of .sis freaks the phone out!

    You can email : forumnokiacrm(AT)nokia.com.
  6. Re: Installation of .sis freaks the phone out!

    I have never seen this happen, although I have an idea.

    When you install your application the SVG icon is cached by the system and this cached version is used to present the menu to the user. The...
  7. Re: Difference in SIS packaging for S60 5th and 3rd edotions

    The Symbian OS allows for SIS packages to install across the platform, for Flash applications we use a native stub application. Helisso can create a SIS file that installs across these platforms,...
  8. Re: Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications

    1. When you use the tool with a protected range UID and your publisher certificate/password the SISX file generated cannot be installed. That's because we are not generating a Signed SIS file, we...
  9. Re: Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications

    Hi Ranco,

    To address your comments:

    1. The packager tool does not alter the SVG file, please ensure that your icon is SVG-T compatible.
    2. When you select the Main.SWF all files and...
  10. Re: Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications

    Can someone else test against this device?
  11. Re: Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications

    For SymbianSigned you no longer require a pkg file. Is this specific to OVI?
  12. Re: Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications

    Which device? I tested this on the N97 and 5800 with FL3.0 and FL3.1
  13. Helisso - SIS Packaging for Flash Lite applications


    Having read these many posts regarding Flash Lite packaging on Symbian devices I have created an application based on Adobe AIR.

    You can find more information over on my blog, and I hope...
  14. Re: flash-APIsensor problem solved (buffering behaviour)


    You are correct in your assumption that the sample rate is high, and this is probably implemented as an event queue. The "solution" provided by SajiSoft is merely a fix to clear this...
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    Re: Opening multiple urls to web browser

    Can you test the FSCommand2 api instead? I'd also be interested to see what the return value is from the statement.
  16. Re: Reverse Geocoding with static maps on Symbian Phone


    The mcc, mnc and lac are protected APIs and not available to the Flash runtime. You can however use the GPS directly to retrieve lat/lon/alt data using Nokia's Platform Services, or...
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    Re: N97 memory card targetting

    You might also have guessed that the E:drive is actually a builtin memory card :-)
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    Re: Full screen ALL the time?


    The fix for this is pretty simple and came from the guys at Little Big Ideas.

    1. fscommand2("FullScreen", true); in frame 1
    2. Open a connection to your web server
    3. In the onLoad...
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    Re: click on button and radio button

    a spelling misstake?

    "file://c/data/other "E" s/trusted/undefined'.
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    Re: Delete shareObject in device

    Just read the SO on startup of the app and set the values to 0?
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    Re: Express signing an app advice

    It sounds like you'll be fine, things like call management are handled by the OS. It would be extremely difficult for your application to interrupt a call.

    Again, locking the keypad and tests for...
  22. Re: Flash Lite 3.1 Unable to load data dilemma

    Why not replace the current image and use loadClip again from the same movie? If you remove and then load you must ensure that the unload is complete first, which is difficult!

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    Re: RTMP Connection on Nokia Handsets

    Hi there,

    It sounds like you need to ensure that your application is able to connect to external resources.

    1. In the File->Publish Settings make sure that Local Playback Security is set to...
  24. Re: Flashlite 3.1 Nokia 5800 Video Object doesn't rotate on device

    Hi Steven,

    This appears to be a bug with the 5800 only. I was able to test the same SWF on my E71 (FL3.0 and FL3.1 Distributable Player) and it's working fine.

    I'll raise this with the...
  25. Re: Game for Nokia 5800 - Flash Lite Developer Challenge Nominee


    I contacted Nokia about this and feedback is that they do not own the content, they simply want marketing rights. You should read further in the terms under the "Ownership" section.
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