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  1. How to send MMS from PC connected to mobile phone?

    hello guys..
    I am developing an application in c# in which i need to send MMS from my PC which is connected to a GSM mobile(Nokia 6600). The MMS has to be created in the PC (The image+Phone no of...
  2. How to show my name instead of number in receivers inbox.

    hi there...I am developing an application in C# in which i need to send SMS to various clients through my PC connected to a cell.There may be the case when my number may not be present in the...
  3. Error receiving message from J2ME application

    hi... i am using the WMAdemo application from Wireless Toolkit 2.2 for sending message from J2ME application. The application works fine when i send message to series 60 phone, i.e the series 60...
  4. Using GPRS to send message through J2ME application

    Can i use Nokia 6610 to send message through a J2ME application using GPRS. I know this is not posiible through sms as 6610 doesnt support sms API.How do i proceed with GPRS.What do i need(API's)??...
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    Re: How to send sms through my j2me application

    Thanks for the reply buddy...Can you tell me whether Nokia 3220 and 6020 supports this or not???..
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    Re: Send/Receive SMS using VB.NET

    This is not very tough.u just have to include a component called MSComm into your form and then use At commands to send sms.My friends have developed a similar application in C#.It works almost the...
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    How to send sms through my j2me application

    hi..I am developing an application in J2ME for 40 series(Nokia 6610). In this application i need to send sms. How do i proceed with it. I should let you know that i am a beginner in J2ME...Thanks in...
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