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  1. Re: Series 40 Java doc & examples survey winners announced

    It's the honest, constructive feedback that helps us all to improve our work. Congrats to all winners and thanks to everyone who participated! :)
  2. Congratulations to R2d2rigo, December 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    This month Rodrigo Díaz (r2d2rigo) has been selected as COM winner.

    The moderators selected R2d2rigo because for his contributions in Windows Phone category including this excellent article...
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    Re: lwuit tabbed pane


    You can change the style of LWUIT components by modifying the theme definitions. The style of a single component can also be modified with code. As for the two buttons - I'm not quite sure...
  4. Re: Single sign-on using Nokia Account - from THIS WEDNESDAY!

    During this first phase of the transition the Nokia Developer usernames stay as they are. You only log in using the Nokia Account credentials. Nokia Account credentials are linked to your Nokia...
  5. Re: Kudos to fred.duarte, second winner in the "PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2"

    Gongrats Fred! Your article was my favorite and I'm really glad to see it win. Just one request: Don't stop here :)
  6. Re: Please support .apk files as projects downloads

    Update: .apk files are now supported.
  7. Re: Please support .apk files as projects downloads


    Help is on the way: http://projects.developer.nokia.com/HelpAndSupport/ticket/108
    Implementation-wise this should be quite straightforward so this will be fixed sooner than later.

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    Re: image moving constantly - how?

    If there's some specific need to avoid using animation elements, QML Timer element can be used:

    Timer {
    interval: 20
    running: image1.running
    repeat: true

    onTriggered: {
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