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    Re: [moved] please HELP

    Thanx Alot..this link really helped us and we have displayed urdu characters on emulator but now as we have to code T9 dictionary can u please give us some useful links from where we can get an idea...
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    [moved] please HELP

    I 'm new in developing mobile applications in J2ME using netbeans...I am a creating a T9 dictionary in Urdu but Im having difficulty in reading urdu text from a file........I have tried alot of ways...
  3. Re: how to render hindi characters in j2me

    can u please give us a clue about rendring of URDU test in J2ME??and how to display list on a key stokr from numeric key pad??for e.g. we want to display a list showing 3-4 urdu alphabets for a...
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