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  1. Re: Failure. Cannot provision certificate database (-14)

    I faced this exact problem on my dev C7-00. The steps to fix are:
    1. Uninstall "Nokia R&D Certificate Provisioner" as in comment #8
    2. Reboot the phone.
    3. Install the new certificate sis file
  2. CTelephony sendDTMFTones crashes my application and sometimes reboots the phone.

    Hi all,
    I have an application in which I am trying to start a call and send DTMF tones.
    I used the example code here to send the DTMF tones.

    However my app consistently crashes at sendDTMFTones....
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    Audio output routing

    OS / device: Maemo5 on n900.
    QT: 4.6.2
    QTMobility: 1.0.2

    I'm developing an application that downloads and plays voicemail. I use QMediaPlayer to play the MP3 that my app downloads. The audio...
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    Lib template (dll) using static QT

    I want to create a Windows DLL that links statically against the QT libraries.
    To do that, I have done the following:
    -> in mkspecs/win32-msvc2008/qmake.conf changed the debug and release flags...
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