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  1. carbide S40 error: the system dosen't have any screens defined, check configuration

    I'm getting this error every time I switch to touch and type plugin...
    What configuration must I check? I cant' find anything!!
    I'v reinstalled program, I'v started the theme from zero, but...
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    Re: Carbide UI 6 Crash

    A very stupid question:
    have you installed java on your pc?

    You need to give us more info like:
    os version
    java version
    what error you get
  3. Re: Unable to add TPI more than 750 in carbide ui 4.3

    The is a nice one included in the "italian lab belle" plugin...then just add any extra uid's if you have any ;)
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    Re: How to change color scheme in new theme

    This will not do it all but might help.
    so if you have 10 (or more) icons white and want them a different color select all 10 (select the first, press shift and select the last or select one after...
  5. Re: Unable to add TPI more than 750 in carbide ui 4.3

    Yes that's wright...and to get them in order you can use something like "my_icon_Climate_Mission"...
  6. Re: Unable to add TPI more than 750 in carbide ui 4.3

    Don't add them from there...
    Open the file icons.xml with notepad, copy a line and change the values for appuid="0xyourID", id="yourID" name="yourNAME"...
    Do it for all the TPI, when finished save...
  7. Re: Help creating theme for S60v5 in Carbide.ui 4.3

    The central button is availlable in TMA plugin and italian lab belle plugin.
    For all symbian 3 (anna,belle,belle fp1) italian lab is the best, for the 5th devices (like c6-00) i prefer the older tma...
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    Re: Indicator UIDs for Belle.

    They are all in the TMA plugin!
  9. Re: Please Help!!Texts don't change new event in Calendar.

    Not sure but try these 2:
    colours -> input frame items -> setting text entry
    colours -> text colors -> not highlighted text in input field

    p.s. this is under italian lab plugin, might be...
  10. Thread: invalid uid

    by ELyrae

    Re: invalid uid

    Write to support and ask for your own UID's (they will send you 4 or 5), package every single sis file with 1 of the UID's they sent you, in the line that's written UID write exacly the same UID that...
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    Re: Series 60 Theme Studio

    Use RDA (remote device access), click up top of this page on devices -> remote device access!!
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    Re: Plug-in management not there.

    HEY I'm a girl LOOOL :)
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    Re: install s40 theme on rda: not working?

    The problem is in the description of how to install on s40 device, using "install" in the rda menu dosent work.
    Instead I open the file manager, upload theme to "defaultthemes" on the device and...
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    Re: Plug-in management not there.

    To install the plugin just copy the plugin folder (carbide MUST be closed) under:
    c:\........\Carbide.ui Symbian\eclipse\plugins\

    Then start program....
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    [Moved]RDA offline?

    The was a notice that RDA will not be availlable on 21-22 but The page is still blank...any news?
    It the link changed or what?
  16. Re: Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1” plug-in support is available in Carbide.ui tool

    These elements are in carbide ok but simply THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!

    Here are some screenshots of carbide and then the phone after installing the theme, as you can see nothing changes!

    Theme in...
  17. Re: Need help with a theme: icons statusbar shortcuts

    Sorry I have no way to try on a nokia 500 so it could be a problem of that specific phone...
    I'v tried on 808,I used the italianLab Belle plugin, and after reboot it works, what plugin are you using?
  18. Re: Need help with a theme: icons statusbar shortcuts

    You need to reboot phone to apply those elements:)
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    Re: Themes for s40: radio, chat, mail, maps icons

    I was just testing a theme in rda and I AGREE!
    Only VERY FEW icons are skinned on s40 devices unlike symbian ones.
    Is the a way to do it manually or what?
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    Re: Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0 released

    Were can I find a list of phones compatible with different plugins?
    For example, if I select "compact UI" what models will this work on?

    It obviously dose not depend on the o.s. version because,...
  21. Re: Calendar bg and option popup menu not skinable in 603 & 808??

    Ok thanks, for option menu it's resolved in fp1 plugin and also in the italianlab 3.0 plugin but for calendar I'v not found a solution on those phones (but as I said my tests are only on RDA devices)!
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    Re: Problem with.. i don't know what!!

    I'm afraid the belle plugin has quite a few elements that are skinned only in carbide (and are not skinned on the devices!!).
    From my experience the best plugin up to now for belle devices is the...
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    Re: Problem with.. i don't know what!!

    Need more in fo to try and see what's wrong:
    what version of carbide ui are you using?
    What plugin?
    What device do you have?
  24. Thread: Help needed!!

    by ELyrae

    Re: Help needed!!

    In my expirience the "non checked" items are the ones that are not modified, but I can also tell you that with most of the plugins the are items that even if edited they do not actually change in the...
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    install s40 theme on rda: not working?

    I', tried 3 or 4 time to install a theme on s40 RDA (c3 and asha), made theme with compact ui plugin, uploaded it but:
    nothing happens!!
    Install will not start on phone and no errors...
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