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  1. Re: Qt Creator freezes when trying to add "listview" item

    I was thinking about that today, but, is truly dissapointing for a new user/developer to see the aclaimed tool crashing on the very first app by doing a VERY simple operation...!!! And with almost no...
  2. Re: Qt Creator crashes when dragging ListView from "Qt Components for Symbian"

    Hi! The same thing is happening to me... It also happens when you pick several elements on the design view and then use the Layout funciont... It crashes!!!! (Both with Linux and Windows, so is not a...
  3. Qt Creator freezes when trying to add "listview" item

    Hello there! I'm new in this app developing thing, so I downloaded the offline Qt SDK installer for both linux and windows. The installation was succesfull on both systems.

    I started a new project...
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