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    wapforum.org user name and password


    I attempted to download the technical specs from http://www.wapforum.org/what/technical.htm but I was prompt to enter the username and password when I click on the link to download the...
  2. Auto pull down Midlet from a wml site using Series 60 phones


    Does anyone know if it there is any method to configure (or send a smart messaging SMS) to series 60 phone (e.g Nokia 7650) so that the phone will be able to download a Midlet automatically...
  3. Auto pull down midlet from a wml site using Series 60 phones


    Does any one know a way that I can configure a Series 60 Nokia phone to pull down a midlet from a wml site automatically?

    I wanted to using Internet Access Configuration WWW autofetch...
  4. Internet Access Configuration on Nokia 7650


    I tried to send a Internet Access Configuration for WWW Autofetch Settings and I managed to receive the SMS as a "Configuration message" but the phone display "Unable to open. Message format...
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