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    lets face it, NOKIA's customer service is shite!

    well, i tried the data suite with my 6310i with a cable connection...you guessed it, it DIDN't work

    trying the tdk mobile v3.3 which is virtually identical DOES work so it is definitely the...
  2. club nokia

    the reason so many people come here is that when one types in Club Nokia there is just a blank page......

    I have spent DAYS trying to sort out this problem

    This is DEFINITELY the last Nokia...
  3. DATA SUITE 4 + the "legendary" Nokia customer Service

    I am having a problem with my 6310i/DLR 3P/Data Suite.

    I access the modem manager, selected Com 1, but the whole PC locks up. Only if I unplug the phone does the PC start working again.

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