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  1. Re: NokiaQtSDK Simultor build problem on Ubuntu 10.04

    Solved the issue

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    How to load a dll from a qt plugin

    Hi all,

    I have a qt plugin and this plugin requires a dll to carry its operations. The client just loads the plugin and everything should work.

    May be a basic question, how can I do it?
  3. Service Framework dll loading problem


    Im using Service Framework (SFW) to create a service, say MyService. This provides an xml describing different interfaces. Im build a dll which has implementation for a particular interface,...
  4. Re: NokiaQtSDK Simultor build problem on Ubuntu 10.04

    In the installed folder of NokiaQtSDK i could find only the folder with the name Simulator, but not any folder that has pure Qt libs. So the basic questions - If I install only NokiaQtSDK (no Qt SDK...
  5. Re: QTextBrowser with transparent background

    QGraphicsEffect can be applied on any QWiget also using QWidget::setGraphicsEffect(), only requirement is that the effect should not be a stack variable.
  6. Re: NokiaQtSDK Simultor build problem on Ubuntu 10.04

    Uninstalled SDK using the supplied maintainance tool and reinstalled it, but problem exists.
    I suspect the same as you pointed that NokiaQtSDK uses its own libs. But as i pasted in the first...
  7. Re: QTextBrowser with transparent background

    If you want to make only your textbrowser transparent you can use QGraphicsOpacityEffect on it. But it will make it transpatent wrt to its parent window base color. So it you want a complete...
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    Re: QHttp don't work on device

    QHttp issue is known on Device, atleast for Qt 4.6.2
    Bug report at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-8687

    Quick work around can be found at...
  9. Re: NokiaQtSDK Simultor build problem on Ubuntu 10.04

    No notable errors during installation except a .sh script error for Maemo (I hope it doest have anything to do with QtLibs). NokiaQtSDK dint work out of box on first run. It reported linking errors...
  10. NokiaQtSDK Simultor build problem on Ubuntu 10.04

    Hi all,

    I am trying to build a sample app on Ubuntu using NokiaQtSDK 1.0 for Qt Simulator as build configuration. Unfortunately I am getting build error, where as Desktop build is successful. I...
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    Re: Location Without Using GPS.

    Its not completely impossible to get location info with cellid.

    try this http://www.opencellid.org/cell/get?mcc=250&mnc=99&cellid=29513&lac=0
    its a simple web service call. mcc, mnc have to be...
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