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    Re: Interjection Problem on Nokia 6630

    Dude, to what? I've tried almost every value in avkon.hrh that seemed relevant.
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    Re: CMdaAudioRecorderUtility problems

    I've done this on the 7610. You need to step up the codec for the descriptor with these values.

    const TUid KMMFExControllerUID = {0x101F5022};
    const TUid KMMFExDesFormatUID = {0x101FAF66};
  3. Rerouting audio to earspeaker instead of loudspeaker

    When using CMdaRecorderUtility or CMdaAudioOutputStream classes how can I configure the audio to come out the earspeaker instead of the loudspeaker?
  4. Re: Data Call on Nokia 6600 (ETel/RCall) problem

    Got it done using AT commands to the serial port.
  5. Re: Data Call on Nokia 6600 (ETel/RCall) problem

    I have the same issue with a relatively new 6600 with FW5.5.3.0, I've also tried it on a 6620 with no luck as well. Can someone from Nokia please respond and/or provide an alternative method to...
  6. Re: Compatibility Symbian7.0 vs. 6.1 (Dial example)

    I am having the same problem with a relatively new 6600 with FW5.5.3.0. Could someone from Nokia please provide an update?
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