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    Re: Symbian^3 emulator incomplete?

    What does it stand for then? It's completely useless.
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    Re: Requested Application Access not Granted

    You can not install sis files that are made for device installation to the emulator, since you would need to get winscw build executables for the emulator, where as for devices they are either gcce...
  3. Re: Emulator - Required Application access not granted

    That URL is no longer working. I have the "requested application access not granted" problem too. I don't know how could nokia develop a emulator that does not run native bytecode. With VMWare...
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    Symbian^3 emulator incomplete?

    I've downloaded the file Symbian_3_SDK_v1_0_en.zip (826.2 MB), I started the emulator but I didn't find a way to install OVI Store (to test installation of software), to make phone backup in NBU...
  5. Re: Specification for RRULE fields of vCalendar 1.0 format

    I've found a lot of examples in this file:
  6. Re: Specification for RRULE fields of vCalendar 1.0 format

    Those are specifications for vCalendar v2.0, but not for vCalendar v1.0, that is what I need.
  7. Specification for RRULE fields of vCalendar 1.0 format

    I need complete specifications for RRULE field data, for example what it means and all available parameters, in order to write a software that works with them:

    RRULE:D1 #0
    RRULE:MD1 5+...
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