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    "Insert memory card first" problem

    I tried using the DKU-2 data cable for my 6230i, but the flash drive option does not work, telling me to insert a memory card, but the card shows up in the Gallery. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: this...
  2. Re: IPhone does everthing. Will developers really want to develop on this device?

    I'll still stick to Nokia; of course, we're talking about Nokias, right? Besides, my mom's 6300 can do more than the iPhone, it's no wonder why Tom Dickson of "Will It Blend?" decided to blend an...
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    can we get more with it?

    hmm, i almost clicked the "Download" link for the developer utilities, but there was a big zit in it - the memory requirement. The Series 60 Theme Studio called for at least 512MB of RAM, mine has...
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