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    Re: URGENT: is there a pow() method in j2me?

    Actually Graham is totally right, and what Saurabh has implemented is NOT equivalent to Math.pow()

    What Saurabh has shown is how to produce a power of 2 only. e.g. 2^0, 2^1, 2^2, 2^3 etc... (1, 2,...
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    MWS disconnects but doesn't reconnect

    I've been running MWS on my Nokia 5500, and it seems to work fine most of the time. However whenever I lose phone network reception (there a place in my building where I always lose reception), once...
  3. Re: Installing GW - mws-gw-db.cfg permission denied

    Hi Feri,

    Thanks for the reply. I've actually not touched it for a few weeks, so what I'll do is try going through the installation process again and if I get the same problems again I post again...
  4. Re: Please use this thread to give your feedback about Mobile Web Server.

    Thanks iketo! I was a bit too keen and didn't actually read the user-guides...
  5. Re: Please use this thread to give your feedback about Mobile Web Server.

    Just successfully installed MWS (the one for mymobilewebsite.net rather than Raccoon) on a Nokia 5500 Sport, and it seems to work a treat! As it's over GPRS (Vodafone UK) it's a little slow, but...
  6. Installing GW - mws-gw-db.cfg permission denied


    I keep getting 'permission denied' errors when the webapps are trying to run.

    It worked fine for musers, but then the admin webapp wouldn't work with it. Then for some reason musers stopped...
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    Re: Installation issue

    Hi Johan,

    That's done it! Thanks for your help - I'm new to S60 phones which is why I couldn't figure that one out. Just for reference, I'm trying out Raccoon on a Nokia 5500.

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    Installation issue


    i'm having trouble installing raccoon - everytime i try and install an already signed .sis file, it says 'certificate error - contact supplier'. do i need internet connectivity for the...
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