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  1. Can't debug (with Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java + Netbeans 7.0.1)

    I can run my Hello World test midlet on Nokia SDK 1.0 emulator and on a X3-02. However when I try to start debugging from Netbeans, the emulator starts first OK but crashes when it tries to load my...
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    Re: Preview issues with Nokia Web Tools 1.2.0

    Is the OSX version of the Nokia Web Tools also affected with this (or similar) problem? When I tried to launch the WebSDKSimulator.app from the Tools i first got an error message saying:
  3. Re: Access to phone's resources (camera, contacts etc)

    @petrosoi: Is the Camera API for S40 web apps on the roadmap, or is it just better to forget dreaming about it?
  4. OAuth flow redirection possible in S40 web apps?

    I tried to find information about using OAuth (such as Twitter login) in S40 web apps, but couldn't find much. So: Does a published web app has some kind of default URL? I'd like to pass some...
  5. What's the keycode for the so-called voice key in Nokia E72?


    Does anyone know, what's the keycode for the so called voice key, which is found at least on Nokia E72? I mean the button between volume buttons on the side of the device. I tried to look for...
  6. Where to find basic calendar and clock icons?


    I've created a listbox for my interface and I'm going to use some icons with it. I followed the instructions provided at List API [1] and managed to get icons working. However I'd like to use...
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