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  1. Re: Content file(s) expired or about to expire - Mail from Nokia

    That's really not nice.
    What is strange, is that my contact email for apps are different that publisher email, and the mail was sent to the private email not the public one.

    The email was sent...
  2. Portrait camera representation in portrait mode

    Has someone managed how to display QCamera in a Portrait mode, as portrait not as landscape (3/4, 9/16), also without image rotation?
    I fight with this for weeks, but without any success.

  3. Re: Qt 4.7.3 and S60 5th "not compatible with phone"

    Will be any fix to this issue?
    It's not normal to have that truouble .
    I expect qmake to know to set all variables for both Symbian^1 and Symbian^3.
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    Re: publish to ovi

    Fist of all, for the moment you can't submit applications created with the SDK 1.1. Also this SDK don't create the wrapper package for the moment.
    Also, you must sign the app, and after that to sign...
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    Re: Qt memory leak based on rsolution size

    Yes, i know but:
    On FullScreen (640px) my problem has appeared.
    So i checked after which height size the problem appear (~525) and if the problem worsens with increasing resolution.
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    Qt memory leak based on rsolution size

    I can't find any solution to my problem, so i open this thread.

    OS:Symbian ^3
    Device: N8
    Qt version: 4.6.3

    I've created a stopWatch application. it have a GPS data with speed, QLCD and a...
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