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  1. Re: App compiles without error but when i start the emulator the app is not shown

    WINS is not supported in S60 3rd edition. Try using WINSCW for code warrior or ARMV5 for device.
    Perhaps this helps :)

  2. Porting a dll from S60 2nd to 3rd edition

    While porting a dll from 2nd to 3rd edition, shall we have to change the entry point function ?? As per the porting document from nokia, only the application entry point has to be changed from...
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    Porting from s60 2nd to 3rd edition


    I am trying to port some code (IP multimedia subsystem) from symbian 8.0 to 9.1. While compiling for 9.0, I am getting one error like "hal.h is not found". I have searched for this file in...
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