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    Re: DVLUP rewards current state

    If you can still see the Surface 2, that's great. Over in the US, no hardware is available. No gift cards.

    I suppose I'll just wait. There's really nothing else I can get...

    As for this...
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    DVLUP rewards current state

    I realize rewards can change, but I was a little suckered by the fact that all of the merchandise was gone. I was saving up for an Xbox One... barring that, I could get a few gift cards from Amazon...
  3. Re: Implementing Sqlite Database in MVVM Pattern (Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1)

    I would recommend you install the SQLite-net package from NuGet in addition to the SQLite dll. This may make your life simpler. I know it makes it easier for me.

    This way, you just create your...
  4. Re: Windows Phone 8 Motion API and available sensors

    You can then combine it with the compass heading for an initial reading... or to correct your dead-reckoning at intervals. If the phone has the gyroscope, then it will have the compass. (The low...
  5. Re: Windows Phone 8 Motion API and available sensors

    If you're really, really smart, you can do this with phones that have a gyroscope. My old car navigation (Pioneer AVIC-N1) had a large unit that sat under the seat that contained a gyroscope. It...
  6. Thread: Win2D API

    by leemcpherson

    Win2D API

    Win2D is an API for immediate mode 2D graphics rendering in C#. It is in its infancy still, but I'm currently using it to write a simple game and find it's extremely useful in its current form.
  7. Re: Is Ping Ponging even possible on Windows Phone 8?

    This might be useful, too. The setup for creating the textures and setting them up as rendertargets. This one is the entire setup for my "master" texture that I blend multiple renders to. One of...
  8. Re: Is Ping Ponging even possible on Windows Phone 8?

    I'm doing this in my Molecule Studio app.

    This may not be the most efficient way of doing it, but this is how I do it using pure DirectX. Let me give you some background on why I am doing this...
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    Re: Navigation to a page using parsed data?

    In your mainpage, you were manually setting the source of the ListBox control and then binding within the DataTemplate. However, you don't have any way for the PurchasePage to see the data from...
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    Re: HtmlAgilityPack Request

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think your problem with the WebBrowser not being referenced is that you don't have the control in your XAML page anywhere.

    First, place a WebBrowser control...
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    Serialize data to CSV format

    Users want access to their data. I don't know how many people I've heard complain about some of the major fitness apps not giving the user a good method of saving their data (and using it with...
  12. Re: HtmlAgilityPack Problem in windows phone 8.1

    I don't have problems with HTMLAgility... but I'm using the HTMLAgility-PCL package on NuGet.

    Also, unless you really want to use XPath for backwards compatibility or something, I've always...
  13. Re: Urgent Help : Binding the JSON data to the ListBox Control without new class

    It's easy to generate a class for the JSON data...
  14. Re: [Split]record a video of the filtered camera source

    I wish I could test it myself and step through the code... but I don't have a Surface tablet at all. If you'd like to send one to me...? :D

    Another thing I thought of: when I crashed the app on...
  15. Re: SQLite Exception in WIndows Phone app in C#

    My suggestion is to get the instance of your model class using LINQ, then to change the properties of the instance for all your SQL fields. That way, all you have to do is write...
  16. Re: Accessing the launch URI / launchapp parameters from a native C++ Direct3D app

    I can't help you with this directly, but have you tried a Universal app? My WP8.1 winRT c++/directx app contains the ActivationKind::Protocol enum. I only ask because I see your last post was...
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    Re: RDA and Universal apps

    As you guys are working on bringing Universal apps to RDA, it would be extremely helpful if you could add a few 2520's or any other WinRT tablets to the device selection.
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    RDA and Universal apps

    Can Remote Device Access be used with Universal WP apps? Since they don't create xap files, I couldn't figure out how to install my app onto an RDA device. The appxupload file did not work.
  19. Re: detect image with webbrowser control and javascript

    I can't verify your javascript because I suck at it, but on the c# side, have you turned scripting on (IsScriptEnabled property)?

    Also, if this is a Silverlight app (not a WinRT app), if you...
  20. Re: Is it possible to use a FileSavePicker to save files from Isolated Storage to pho

    The rename option is in the secondary menu of the folder picker UI. Just pull up the menu and you'll see it.
  21. Re: Windows Phone 8.1 Windows.Media.Capture API and Preview Frames

    I'm pretty sure these video formats (NV12 and YUY2) don't have alpha channels. They use a luminance byte and two or more color bytes (or other ratios) in order to construct an image. It's not RGB...
  22. Re: LevelsFilter & LocalBoostFilter problems with Imaging SDK 1.2.115

    Input: 1280x720
    Output: 320x240
  23. LevelsFilter & LocalBootFilter problems with Imaging SDK 1.2.115

    Can anyone else confirm problems with these two filters? I am doing a filter explorer type of UI and rendering a small image using every filter that takes one source image. I get exceptions on...
  24. Feedback: Recording Video using Filters with MediaCapture and MF Transform

    I'm inviting comments on a wiki article and source code for a universal app that allows one to record video while applying Filters via a Media Foundation transform.
  25. Re: Windows Phone 8.1 Windows.Media.Capture API and Preview Frames

    I realized there were some missing files in my repository. (First time I've ever used GitHub.) Anyways, I think they are good now.
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