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  1. Re: New “Carbide.ui Symbian 4.0” is released.


    Any Updates soon? UI.4 have some issues and there's no plug-in to fix them all...

    Thanks, and hope you're still working on C.UI.
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    Re: NEW Plugin: TMA Symbian^touch for Carbide.UI


    Agree with issues, described by dhanusaud. And here is more from my side:

    - missing icons: Image Settings (qgn_prop_set_cams_image_sub), Video Settings (qgn_prop_set_cams_video_sub), you...
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    Re: Idle Area Transparent - Carbide 4.0

    That's somehow regulate in dimmed sector...and i'm having problems with make it transparent. I saw that some theme makers make backgound black&white...dont know how they do it, but i wanna know...
  4. Re: carbide 4.0 error packaging process skin_compiler.exe (access denied) c

    Try to run Carbide.UI as administrator...for me, it works!

    I had the same problem in C.UI 4, because in 3.4 version it works in normal User Account packaging. Problem was solve after runing...
  5. Re: Why all icons doesnt work in Carbide.UI 4?

    I figure it out with drawing...like some shapes are not supported in svf format. But if there's problem, it shows u an unappropriate icon.
    But there are some icons that doesnt work (so far):
    - GPS...
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    Re: Transparency in Carbide 4.0

    Thank You Phoneyguy!!! I respect that from you! It's working!!!

    And for others who have problems after that...It's need to be DRAG+DROP...because copy+paste doesn't work!

    Thank's a lot!
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    Re: Transparency in Carbide 4.0

    Ok, thanks for help, but there is something unclear. I was trying to make Idle Navi Pane (qsn_bg_solid_idle) transparent by inserting 100% transparent SVG picture in it. But it doesnt work!!...that...
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    Re: Transparency in Carbide 4.0

    This option is not availible in 4.0. And even animation window doesnt want to open when u want to add trasparency to this navi pane. I had the same problems. And then I simply made a picture from the...
  9. Re: How to use PNG Icons without white Frames

    Yes it's possible. You can use IcoFx to draw icons for free or change those you downloaded from internet. Maybe this forum would have more information for you:...
  10. Why all icons doesnt work in Carbide.UI 4?

    I'm drawing my own icons in SVG format and some icons dont get replaced when installing theme on the phone (C5-03). What is the problem?
  11. Re: How to use PNG Icons without white Frames

    Symbian is build with SVG images and not PNG. Use Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator (paid) to draw your own icons. Png gets really ugly when streching them to correct resolution. SVG uses vectors....
  12. How to enter version of theme in Carbide.UI?

    I have problem with entering version number of theme I created. How Can I do that? It Always shows 1.00(0)...
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    Re: Carbide.UI 4...no Layer View!!!

    Thank you!

    I figure it out, that UI 4th have more simplier user interface, it's working great at time right now! I hope to end the project without problems!
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    Carbide.UI 4...no Layer View!!!

    OK...i've installed Carbide UI 4...and noticed that it has no Layer View!...do i need to update or it's just help content copy+paste from carbide UI 3.4?
  15. Original Dark Theme - S60 5th (Nokia C5-03)


    I'm working with Carbide.UI TE a whole new theme, but I need also for example a dark theme, which is originaly installed on the mobile phone. Is it posible to get an theme file and use it in...
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