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    Re: Smart Installer in Qt Creator

    If it is an signed app, then you can use the following command:

    make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=c:\CERT\developercertificate.cer QT_SIS_KEY=c:\CERT\developercertificate.key

    But its...
  2. Re: [news] Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 Beta released

    Yes, If you install Nokia Qt SDK, then here is no need for you to install "qt-symbian-opensource-4.6.2". It includes the Symbian SDK as well.

    There will be multiple project configurations in Qt...
  3. Re: How to find out destination location coordinates, and place landmarsks in an map?

    Thank you for your prompt response petrib.

    I understand now that, I shall make use of Google maps and proceed further.

    But when I do so, I am stuck at the following:
    i) When I point to any...
  4. How to find out destination location coordinates, and place landmarsks in an map?


    I am writing an application using Nokia Qt SDK, I want to place a landmark on an map and retrieve the GPS coordinates associated with that particular place(not my current location...
  5. Problem when testing KuneriMaps, Flashlite-GPS on N95


    My application makes use of the built-in GPS and accelerometer. I am having N95(Flashlite version: 2.0). I am using S60-MR SDK.

    Firstly I am telling you the my limitations:
    1. I dont have...
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    Re: Porting Open C - Need Help Pls !!!


    I am trying to develop an IM application in symbian using Libpurple as the backend library.
    Is it possible to develop it? If so can anyone please suggest me the steps to proceed further.
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    Re: s60 3rd ed FP1 - APS problem

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to install the APS streamer sample in N95 device and wanted to check the hardware. But when signing the SIS file i got the error: "The .sis file contains capabilities that are...
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    How to use AppendL for Streams

    Hi, i am new to the Symbian programming.

    I have been trying to Append some data to RStoreWriteStream using the AppendLC function provided by the stream, but i am unable to append.

    I was unable...
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