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    Unable to get onto RDA

    Up until the day before yesterday, I was getting onto the RDA just fine.

    However, starting yesterday, I started getting responses like this whenever I attempt to log on:

    The change you wanted...
  2. Re: Questionnaire about RDA devices / firmware versions

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated with attempting to access the RDA. I have, historically, been unable to access this in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Yesterday I worked on a Mac, and...
  3. How long will Remote Device Access be down?

    I'm attempting to run some tests for a theme I'm developing, but the page for the Remote Device access is listed as "temporarily unavailable" and to try again later.

    The project I'm working on is...
  4. Problems with clock face images in Series 60 Carbide

    I've created a Symbian^3 (640x360) theme and have customized the clock face image ("Face 1" component specifically). However, when testing the exported theme on the phone, the clock face image...
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