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  1. Re: Which package in j2me provieds functionality of awt package in java ?

    I am working with an application which needs both the fucntionality of bluetooth as well as the Robot class.Do i have any way where we can have both of them.

    If not can you suggest me a...
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    Re: J2ME Bluetooth Programming

    No i am trying to discover a real device near by my lappy in which the midlet is running.

    I tried it by using two instaces in the IDE(J2me sdk 3.0).This is how i did this

    I wrote a server...
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    J2ME Bluetooth Programming

    Hi Friends,
    I am newbie to j2me programming.I need to discover my device using some code.I have made my device visible and then called startinquiry method but still my program keeps on running but...
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